Meet Our Students – Adam Thompson

Why did you choose to do the degree?

Having left education after secondary school I had always regretted not completing my A levels and had seriously been considering returning to education in order to kick off some career development. I had been looking at OU courses and other mediums and was working on submitting an application when to my surprise Ridgeons announced that there would be a Degree programme on offer to 20 candidates. This seemed to fit my lifestyle perfectly in a “learn while you earn” sort of way and has helped my no end with my current career path and development.

How do you feel you have benefitted?

I have found that the last 2 years my outlook has changed tremendously, I have much improved writing skills and my professionalism has also grown greatly. I have found that I have become involved much more at work, for example project teams and other tasks that go outside my current day to day role.

Personally I have developed much better organisational and time management skills and can now function quite effectively particulary when a lot is going on with work, in my personal life and with completing projects for the Degree programme.

An area I have found most useful is the potential networking possibilities that have arisen, I have had the chance to meet and work with managers and other experienced colleagues whom I might not have had the chance to otherwise.

Which aspects of study have you found most challenging, how have you overcome these challenges?

Initially work life balance is a difficult task to master. As time has gone on I have found this to become easier to manage. Talking to peers it can be hard for some to understand how I can work full time, study and still lead a normal personal life, although there is sometimes little spare time for leisure activities!

Adam Thompson - FdA Management

What have you found most rewarding about studying this course?

It is a good feeling to see a project take shape from start to finish, with an outcome that has in some way aided my development within the workplace.

How have the skills and knowledge you have gained from this course benefitted your career?

My report writing and professional communication skills have really grown and developed throughout the course, and are often found to be of a much higher standard than often expected.

How is your place of work benefitting from the course?

The company is gaining a new breed of staff with a more rounded business knowledge, this has been found to be of value when work based projects are carried out, where often issues have been investigated in great detail and recommendations have been made to improve any issues found.

How would you describe the support offered by both our teaching staff and support services?

Help and support is always available, either through you tutor or from utilising the VLE.

How would you describe our University’s online facilities and resources?

First class facilities, up to date and modern

What advice would you give to anyone considering undertaking a course with Anglia Ruskin?

Ensure you recognise the need to make time for you studies.

What tips do you have on fitting your studies around your outside commitments?

Always ensure you fully understand a task and carefully plan what tasks need to be carried out and when. Work life balance is possible, if careful planning is executed.

Would you recommend your course to others?

I would definitely recommend this course to others, my outlook has certainly changed from partaking in the course, and I have gained a much more rounded view of the business I work for and the overall business environment. Something I would not have gained so comprehensively otherwise.

How would you sum up your experience of studying with Anglia Ruskin?

The Anglia Ruskin University experience has been excellent, the study facilities are first class and help and support is always available if required.

FdA Management
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