Meet Our Students – Claire Nunes

Having recently changed careers, moving from the commercial sector to the third sector, I felt I needed to gain skills relevant to my new role. I was appointed Director of Relate Cambridge in June 2010, having spent the previous 30 years practicing as a lawyer. Whilst I had gained management skills in my previous role I had no experience of the charitable field. This course appealed to me as it seemed to cover many aspects relevant to my role as manager of a small charity.

The most challenging aspect of the course is to fit the work around a full time, very busy role. The way the course is framed, however, means it is possible to dip in and out of the modules; fitting the work around the gaps that occur at work. It was a struggle going back into learning after such a long gap, but because the work is both relevant and interesting it has made this transition a lot easier.

My increased knowledge about the sector has meant I am better informed and better equipped to do my job. I have been given many useful and practical ideas which in turn have increased my confidence in the role. It was quite scary starting the job, without knowing anything about how charities function and the world they exist in. This course has been an invaluable tool to help me take my charity forward.

The course provides support and encouragement. The teaching staff are very friendly especially Andy, who makes the workshops fun and interesting and I am enjoying the experience, and finding it very useful.

Claire Nunes - Cert HE Charity and Social Enterprise Management

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