Meet Our Students – Tracey Collins

Why did you choose to do the degree?

To help me further develop my knowledge and skills in Leadership. To help me apply these skills to enhance my role and career development.

How do you feel you will benefit from studying for this qualification both professionally and personally?

My career aspiration is to be a Director of Nursing and leadership skills and experience is key in the NHS at present in order to make changes whilst maintaining quality with less resources.

Personally this will be a huge achievement as it something I have always wanted to do but never thought I would ever have the skills or opportunity to do it.

Tracey Collins - MA Leadership

What have you found most rewarding about studying this course?

It has broadened my vision of leadership. With working in the NHS the course completely takes you out of those four walls and gets you to look and think broadly. Researching some of the world’s key leaders has been so interesting.

How have you found using the University’s online resources? (VLE, Library etc)

Initially it took a bit of time to navigate my way around but now it’s fine and really easy. I have found it very informative.

I think the support has been excellent. It’s reassuring to know help is only an email away. It can be a bit lonely working at such a distance so I think the key to success is to get the team to gel together which I think our team has. We can all email each other for support and help.

Have you used the University’s campus-based facilities and resources? If so, how have you found them?

I have been into the library to fetch books. I have also reserved a book online and it was waiting for me to pick up.

What advice would you give to anyone considering undertaking a course with Anglia Ruskin?

You need to be 100% committed and motivated. Do not enter into this if you are not prepared to give it 100%. You do have to plan your time very carefully every week and ensure you keep on top of the work. Also make sure you participate in all of the activities and blogs so as to get the most out of the studying.

Make sure you have a laptop or PC and necessary resources. Also join your local library so as to order any books required if you can’t access a nearby university.

What tips do you have on fitting your studies around your outside commitments?

You must have 100% support from work and family as a lot of family time will be taken up with studying if you are working full time. Also try and get study time from work otherwise you will be using a lot of annual leave for completing the activities.

Would you recommend your course to others?

Distance learning is really great when you are working full time.

Definitely as I have learnt so much and it really has broadened my vision of leadership. It has also helped me to apply so much to my current role.

How would you sum up your experience of studying with Anglia Ruskin so far?

My experience so far has been very positive. Staff have been very helpful when we have needed any IT support and any questions regarding the course etc.

MA Leadership
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