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Online distance learning degrees - a new style of learning

The advent of Internet technology has changed distance learning degrees beyond all recognition.  Instead of waiting (im)patiently for course materials to arrive by snail mail, now you can access the latest learning materials and assignments online in a matter of seconds.

Having online access 24/7 to a wealth of resources allows you to complete your distance learning degree at your own pace, studying when and where you please for ultimate convenience.

And instead of sitting in your lonely garret, typing or scribbling away in isolation, following an online degree programme means you can communicate in real time with both your dedicated course tutor and your fellow students - as much or as little as you want.  

Anglia Ruskin - your partner in distance learning

If you’re investing your hard-earned income in additional qualifications - perhaps in the hope of seeking promotion or a salary rise in the future - you need to be confident you are working with an accredited, experienced distance learning university. And that’s exactly what we are.

You’ll find that our track record in higher education is exemplary, and not just for distance learning. We also enjoy an international reputation for excellence in:

Nine of our subjects were rated “Excellent” by the Sunday Times University Guide in 2008.

Our experienced lecturers and tutors, many of them internationally renowned educators, will guide and advise you, helping you to fulfil your academic potential and achieve your educational goals.

Which one of our distance learning degrees is right for you?

Our portfolio of distance learning degrees is constantly being expanded to ensure the courses offered by our five faculties are vocational and relevant to the needs of professionals. Course content is designed to encourage the acquisition of not only theoretical knowledge, but also valuable practical skills for the workplace.

Degree courses currently available via distance learning include:

View our full list of distance learning degrees delivered by Anglia Ruskin, either independently or through our selective network of partners.

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