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10 Reasons To Study Management With Us

13th September 2019

If you’re looking for a distance learning course that provides on-the-job experience, is industry-accredited and accelerates your career plans, a management degree could be the perfect choice.

Studying management gives you valuable insights to the inner workings of the world of business – such as how organisations operate, how employees behave and how to be an effective leader.

But the beauty of studying a Management BA (Hons) with ARU Distance Learning is that you can fit coursework flexibly around the rest of your commitments.

And it’s also a course that’s suited to a diverse demographic – including people currently working in management, ambitious professionals and budding entrepreneurs.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons why you should study management with us.

1. Your Management degree is accredited

Our BA Management course is CMI (Chartered Management Institute) accredited. So when you study with us, not only do you gain a degree, but you also receive a second professional qualification – at no extra cost.

CMI qualifications are industry recognised and highly sought after in corporate circles. In fact, according to the CMI, more than 80% of managers say a CMI qualification is key to becoming a professional manager.

The benefits of studying a CMI accredited course include mentoring from experienced managers and leaders and access to industry leading research and innovative learning tools to support your studies.

2. Your Management course focuses on leadership

Our Management BA (Hons) is a great option for those of you who want to take the leap to management and have the right levels of experience and education, but perhaps lack polished skills in areas like insight, strategy and team development.

The course provides you with a broad overview of all of the essentials of business and management, and because its part-time online format allows you to earn while you learn, you get to put these into practice within your own workplace immediately. Consequently, you’ll complete the course feeling totally prepared for the wide-ranging responsibilities that come with a management role.

3. Your Management BA boosts career development

A distance learning degree is a great way to fast-track your career development because you’ll learn new skills and build upon existing ones. This is very relevant for a management degree, where your new skillset can help you tackle challenges and sustain success for your organisation.

As part of the Management course, you’ll complete a work-based project within your own organisation, where you’ll be able to show your employer that your studies have equipped you to solve core business problems. And more broadly, your academic achievement will prove that you’re a committed employee who has displayed the initiative and commitment to advance your career.

4. Your Management degree lets you study while you work

One of the biggest benefits of any distance learning course is the flexibility to study whilst you work. In fact, the Management BA (Hons) has been designed specifically for people who are currently working, with modules that require you to apply business and management theory to your organisation.

This integration between study and work means that you don’t have to compromise your career for the sake of a qualification. Instead, you can use what you learn on the course to actively progress your career and gain a valuable, vocational qualification at the end of it.


5. Your Management degree allows you to specialise

Management is a diverse discipline and, while the course will provide a solid overview with modules covering key areas such as people management, project management and business sustainability, there are also opportunities to pursue specialist areas of management you’re particularly passionate about.

For example, towards the end of the course you’ll complete a work based Major Project, where you’ll investigate an area of management that is relevant to you and your workplace. It’s your opportunity to delve deeply into an area of interest, advance your expertise and make a notable impact on your organisation.

6. Your Management degree is supported by expert tutors

Students on the Management BA course will be guided by talented tutors through the course of their studies – they possess expertise that spans across the business and management spectrum.

Course tutors include Dr Martin Spaul, who has taught at the university for over 30 years and has published work on multiple subjects including systems analysis, tourism and history; and John Jackson, who has experience in the both the public and private sectors, having worked for organisations including Volvo and the Borough of Westminster.

You can get in contact with tutors using our virtual learning environment Canvas, which has all the learning resources you’ll need to succeed.

7. Your Management course provides satisfaction

Students should feel happy and secure whilst they study and our Management course has a proven track record of high student satisfaction – it was rated 100% for ‘overall satisfaction’ in the National Student Survey 2017.

Reflecting on his time on the course, former student Brandon Hall said,“It has developed my management and leadership skills, helping my current career in football and my future career in whatever that may be. Personally, it has helped me to become a lot more confident. Although the degree has been based online, I feel as though my communication with both students and colleagues at work has improved as a result of the degree.”

8. Vocational value of your Management degree

When you’re paying for a Management degree, you need to be sure that you’ll have good prospects at the end of it. So your course empowers you with a solid skillset that will be attractive to any employer looking for leaders who can contribute to their ongoing success – and your hard-earned expertise will provide true vocational value to any business for years to come.

Furthermore, there are management roles in every industry in the world, from small local businesses to large international corporations – you’ll graduate with the knowledge needed to take on a range of exciting global opportunities.

9. Transferable skills from your Management degree

A degree in Management doesn’t confine you to a career in management, although it does serve as solid foundation for business leadership roles – the transferrable skills you’ll gain are in demand in a wide variety of industry and job roles.

Skills such as communication, project management, analytical-thinking and problem solving are core disciplines required for just about any work environment.

You’ll be able to build upon these skills throughout your Management course and apply them in your real-life work environment, thus gaining valuable practical experience that will enhance your career prospects.

10. Networking through your Management degree

In a global economy where connections are the cornerstone of business success, studying management will help you forge new connections with tutors, course mates and businesspeople that you encounter along the way.

Distance learning courses are more likely to attract the globally diverse cohort that’s beneficial to businesspeople, because classroom attendance is not required (or minimal), so anyone in the world (with internet access) can participate.

The insights you gain from the research you conduct on the course can also be used to start conversations on networking platforms such as LinkedIn, where you can establish yourself as an authoritative contributor and build up a strong network of likeminded professionals.

A management degree is a qualification that can open many doors or your career – whatever your aspirations might be.

If this list has piqued your interest, our Management BA distance degree could be the perfect launchpad to a future leadership role in many diverse sectors.