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10 Reasons To Study Psychology With Us

14th April 2020

Psychology is one of those subjects that’s hard to define concisely. At a base level, it’s the scientific study of mind and behaviour – but if you delve a little deeper (as psychologists tend to do!), you’ll find that there’s much more to it.

Psychology is a diverse discipline that can cover varied topics such as cyber technology, health, and ethics.

This makes our Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc a great choice if you’re yearning for an inspirational career where you apply professional insight and cutting-edge science to solving some of humanity’s trickiest problems.

Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to study psychology with us.

1. Our Psychology BSc is BPS accredited

Our distance learning psychology degree is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), a charity responsible for the development, promotion and application of psychology in the public sphere.

This means you’ll benefit from being part of a course that meets formal recognised standards and is highly regarded across the industry.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to move on to postgraduate study in psychology, a BPS accredited undergraduate degree is a prerequisite for many subsequent courses.

2. Our Psychology distance learning degree is 100%

Psychology is a wide ranging discipline. As such, you’ll find certain topics more interesting than others and that’s part what makes our psychology degree so enjoyable. The Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc includes a diverse catalogue of modules in areas such as Counselling, Education, Forensics and Health.

This gives you the time to discover where your interests lie, rather than restricting yourself to a single pathway early on in your studies. And when you complete your course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to specialise in a range of psychology sub-disciplines.

3. Our Psychology degree sets you up for specialization

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling on a distance learning course is that all of your learning takes place online, without the need to attend timetabled classes.

Some ARU Distance Learning courses have physical campus components but this Psychology degree can be completed entirely online via our state of the art Learning Management System, Canvas. Here, you’ll have access to study materials, discussion boards and forums, and be able to submit your work and receive feedback from tutors. And best of all, you can access Canvas from any internet connected device – phone, tablet, laptop, computer.

4. Our Psychology BSc teaches you research skills

Psychology is a science driven by the empirical analysis of human behaviour. Therefore, a significant portion of the course will focus on developing your ability to research topics, questions and issues. You’ll then apply these skills to real-life experiments which advance your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Research-based modules you’ll study on our Psychology course include:

  • Becoming a Researcher – This exciting module introduces you to various research methods and involves creating and conducting your own study based on a question of interest.
  • Qualitative Methods and Psychology in Practice – This stimulating module teaches you about qualitative research methods in psychology such as unstructured interviews and participant observation. You’ll also analyse qualitative data and use your findings to develop research questions.
  • Psychology Project – This challenging and exciting module puts your research skills to the ultimate test by giving you the opportunity to put together your own research project and conduct an in-depth literature review on a topic you’re passionate about.

5. Our Psychology course helps you understand human behaviour

Studying psychology gives you greater insight and awareness of human behaviour – how people function, think and react to different situations. As well as this, you’ll also learn more about yourself, your behaviour and your role within society.

This deep understanding human behaviour will serve you well in the workplace, because you’ll be able to use your knowledge of psychology to enhance your emotional intelligence, work amicably with colleagues from all walks of life and easily adapt your behaviour to suit the different environments.

6. Our Psychology BSc gives you a deeper understanding of society

Psychology doesn’t focus solely on the behaviour of individuals; it’s also concerned with how human behaviour is influenced by group interactions and social environment.

Through the course of your studies you’ll therefore explore social psychology topics such asocial cognition, attribution and group processes. With knowledge of these theories at your fingertips, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your learning to real life scenarios and gain first-hand knowledge of the relationship between human behaviour and societal influences.

7. Our Psychology distance degree is interdisciplinary

One of the most exciting things about studying psychology is that it encompasses so many different clinical, behavioural, and developmental disciplines.

Our Psychology course not only introduces you to a range of these areas individually, but also provides the opportunity for you to collaborate with people studying different fields.

This interdisciplinary approach will help widen your perspective and tighten your analytical skills by encouraging you to reflect on the limitations of different disciplines and consider multiple theories at any one time.

8. Our Psychology BSc advances your critical thinking

As a psychology student you’ll be conducting your own carefully planned research projects, which means handling large and complex data sets. You’ll also be exploring various theoretical approaches and applying these to your work. You can therefore expect to become adept at critical thinking.

This is a highly valued skill in the workplace as it supports the everyday activities of business, because when you can think critically, you’ll be able to determine the most cost-effective and efficient ways of completing tasks and achieving key business goals and objectives.

9. Our Psychology course gives you freedom

Whilst our Psychology BSc has been designed provide a grounding in the main sub-disciplines of psychology, it also aims to give students a degree of freedom to pursue their own passions as much possible.

As such, various modules on the course empower you explore the topics and areas that you’re most interested in. And your Psychology Project will showcase everything you’ve learnt throughout the course in the form of a research project – it’s the perfect opportunity to dig deep into an area you enjoy.

10. Our Psychology degree equips you for a range of careers

The cross disciplinary nature of our psychology degree ensures that you have plenty of prospects once your graduate.

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll have the expertise necessary to engage in postgraduate study and specialise in the area of psychology that you’re most enthused by, thus carving a professional niche that leads to a fascinating career.

However, the range of skills you pick up through studying psychology means that you’ll also graduate with the professional prowess required for a number of exciting job roles outside of the field of psychology.

So if you’re looking for a degree that’s dynamic, stimulating, eye-opening and offers prospects aplenty upon graduation, apply now for a place on our Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc – there’s no time like the present to take your first step into a fulfilling future.

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