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10 reasons to take an Early Childhood Studies BA

21st May 2021

Working with children can be hugely rewarding – for many it’s a true vocation rather than merely a job.

But if you’re a motivated to make a difference and are willing to listen and learn, an Early Childhood Studies BA Hons lays the foundation for a fulfilling career.

If you think you’ve got what it takes this career path is calling out to you, here are 10 fantastic reasons to take an online early childhood studies degree with us.

1. Choose from a wide range of careers

A degree in Early Childhood Studies can lead to an array of potential roles in early years settings with exciting trajectories and countless opportunities to thrive.

In early years, no two days are the same, meaning you’ll experience a rich and varied working life that yields new rewards and gives you the chance to learn new skills every day. When you work with children, every day’s a school day.

2. Maximise your job security

Child-centred industries are constantly growing and evolving, and the sector is always in demand. This, coupled with a growing youth population, means there’s an increasing demand for experts in child development, learning and wellbeing.

Careers with children give you the opportunity not only to impact their future, but to secure your own too.

3. Learn about child rights

In an ever-changing global and social climate, there are a number of external and circumstantial factors which can have a major impact on those early developmental stages.

Our Early Childhood Studies degree offers insight into not only what factors affect child development, but how these can be impacted by opportunity. This type of knowledge can be valuable when working in voluntary sectors in particular.

4. Understand how children learn

Understanding how children learn at different stages and what factors can impact their early learning, whether in formal education or skill development, is crucial not only in educational sectors but in any child-based career.

Recognising the different ways children learn and understanding what can affect that will help you foster communication and approach with empathy in any child-focused role.

5. Understand the role of play

Play is crucial to education as we know – it helps cement understanding of basic knowledge and skills, but it is also important for emotional and imaginative development.

Understanding this can be key to forming creative learning methods and inspiring innovation in new approaches to common challenges.

One of the major challenges for the current generation of children is outdoor play, which is becoming less common for a number of reasons.

6. Expand your perspective

Our Early Childhood Studies degree focuses on a number of factors affecting children today, including geographical and historical factors as well as psychology and sociological issues.

This course offers insight into what this means for children in our society and across the globe, and how this knowledge influences our approaches to childcare, education and promoting overall health and wellbeing in children.

7. Explore safeguarding

It’s vital to be aware of legality and safeguarding when working with children. This course will explore risk recognition as well as protection from abuse and support and intervention to ensure wellbeing at every stage in a child’s journey.

8. Master a range of transferrable skills

One of the best aspects of an ARU Distance Learning course is that you’ll pick up a variety of soft skills which are transferrable in any future job role, whether that’s working directly with children, in an organisational capacity or any other field!

As well as organisation, time management and independent working, you’ll also master digital literacy skills thanks to our remote learning format – vital in today’s virtual world!

9. Study with leading institution

Anglia Ruskin University is ranked number one in the Guardian University Guide League Table 2021 for Sports Science and Education courses. We have an excellent track record with successful graduates who have been supported not only throughout their study but beyond with our Employability Service.

Former ARU alumnus Jacob Street is one of many successful graduates of our course who can attest to the quality of our fantastic teaching. Now working as a teacher in a residential boarding school, Jacob described the level of support he has received as “world class” and will continue to study with us for his PGCE qualification.

10. Change lives

A career in early childhood development gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on a child’s life in those early stages where it matters most.

Whether it’s a career in childcare supporting young children and their families, an educational path preparing them with life skills or any other field providing emotional and developmental support, with an Early Childhood Studies BA, you’ll open doors which grant you the opportunity to change a child’s life for the better.

This course is the key to a fulfilling career that brings new challenges and satisfaction at the end of every working day.

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