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10 Reasons You Should Study an MBA With Us

22nd April 2021

An MBA (or Master of Business Administration) is a valuable qualification for any aspiring manager, leader or entrepreneur.

And with an MBA from ARU Distance Learning, you’ll master a range of skills and experiences which set you up for your career goals.

So whatever your ambitions or experience, whether you’re nervous about returning to education, harbouring reservations about distance learning or simply not sure what ARU can offer you, check out these ten top reasons to study an MBA with us.

1. Develop a range of transferrable skills

Our MBA course covers a range of topics which help you develop a wealth of essential workplace skills.

These include organisation, independence, time-management and communication – all soft skills highly sought after by employers and useful in any working environment, in or outwith business roles.

In addition to this, as a distance learning course, our MBA will also teach you vital digital literacy skills, with teaching taking place 100% online. All teaching is done via Canvas, our state-of-the-art Learning Management System which can be accessed any time, anywhere with just a phone, PC, or tablet and internet connection.

2. Put your learning into practice

The flexible nature of your course enables you to continue full-time work alongside your studies, meaning your studies fit around your life.

It also means you can begin to put your newfound skills into practice straight away, so your learning has an instant impact on your career.

Your course will offer you the choice between and Intrapreneurial or Entrepreneurial Action module – this comprises either a major project or work placement, granting hands-on experience either through research, development and problem solving or direct relevant workplace experience!

3. Receive support from tutors and other students

Our tutors are leading experts in the business world with a wealth of knowledge and experience, so you can rest assured that your learning is in safe hands.

And contrary to popular belief, digital learning doesn’t mean learning alone. As well as the support of your tutors, you’ll also have the chance to contact and collaborate with other students who share your aims and ambitions and have their own unique insights and experiences to offer.

4. Discover business theory

Your MBA course is designed to teach you the theory behind great business leadership, equipping you with the tools to tackle new challenges head-on.

This is excellent experience for any business workplace, where problem-solving requires quick-thinking based on thorough understanding of processes, practices and potential resolutions.

5. Find your feet in the business world

Your MBA course will help you expand your understanding of business, discover the different opportunities out there for an aspiring entrepreneur and develop your strengths to transform you into the perfect candidate for your next career move.

And thanks to the insight from your tutors and other students, it can also be an excellent networking opportunity that grows your interpersonal skills.

6. Strengthen your decision-making

Business, management and leadership require strong and assertive individuals who can make informed choices under pressure that set the direction, lead the way and produce results.

Our MBA course has a module dedicated to financial decision-making that explores the crucial factors and essential considerations of any business decision-making confidence, giving you the tools to handle similar challenges in the future.

7. Grow your leadership potential

It goes without saying that if you’re seeking a leadership or managerial role in the future, you need strong personal, communication and team-working skills, as well as the confidence to lead the way on projects.

With modules such as Organisational Psychology in a Social Context, our course will give you the necessary people skills to bring together teams, manage individuals and drive results.

8. Explore Innovation

In business, innovation is the difference between surviving and thriving.

And with our Innovation and Entrepreneurship module, you’ll learn how creative innovation is fostered in corporate environments to create solutions to everyday issues as well a wide-scale challenges such as social responsibility and sustainability.

9. Master marketing management

Marketing is a crucial facet of business, and the key to navigating competition in the modern world.

Our MBA course explores the principles of marketing management in various business contexts to give you a solid understanding of marketing methods, practices and challenges to understand the impact of competition both on the business and the consumer.

10. Achieve your goals

If your ambitions are in sight, and you need that final boost of confidence to reach for your goals, an MBA could be the key to unlocking your potential, levelling up your career and striving for success.

These are just 10 fantastic reasons to study an MBA with us.

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