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5 Healthcare Management Career Tips

3rd December 2019

Management and Leadership roles can be hard nuts to crack in any sector.

Succeeding depends on a broad and deep skillset that includes everything from managing budgets to motivating teams – with all efforts ultimately aimed at satisfying customers and meeting performance targets.

And these challenges are compounded in healthcare, where leadership excellence inspires staff dealing with some of the world’s most demanding jobs and improves outcomes for patients whose lives may be on the line.

But if you want to break into a vocation that can change communities for the better, get started today with these five healthcare management career tips.

1. Take an undergraduate Healthcare Management degree

When you’re starting from scratch in the healthcare field and want to build up your knowledge base from firm foundations to professional proficiency, it might be a wise choice to study an undergraduate healthcare management degree.

You’ll study topics like services operations management, innovation and entrepreneurship, human resources and marketing, before finishing with a major project which consolidates all of your knowledge and can point you towards a particular healthcare management niche.

This type of course is comprehensive and worthwhile, but it can take three years of full-time campus-based study, so you have to be sure you can commit to this prior to commencing and that it fits with your current work and family commitments.

2. Test the Healthcare Management career waters by volunteering

One of the best ways to take a temperature check of the conditions in any institution is by spending time working with internal and external customers at all levels and across different service delivery areas.

So by volunteering with an organisation like the NHS, you’ll be helping permanent staff deliver great customer care, helping your community, learning new skills and making valuable contacts for the future.

And by the time you’ve completed your volunteering stint, you’ll have a much better grasp of the types of frontline issues healthcare workers face and since you’ve stood in their shoes, you’ll be a more empathic and effective leader once you take up the gauntlet as a manager.

3. Attend Healthcare Management networking events and conferences

Business networking sites like LinkedIn make it possible to connect with a wide range of global thought leaders and influencers in your chosen sector, but there are tangible benefits to meeting experts and potential future colleagues in person – especially in an area like healthcare where establishing trust and transparency is paramount.

So take some time to research healthcare management networking events within travelling distance and book tickets for those which look the most relevant and promising – there’s usually an entry fee, but high profile events like the Leaders in Healthcare conference offer student discounts.

The healthcare professionals you’ll chew the fat with will likely be impressed by your initiative and you might head home with a phone full of valuable contact numbers as well as a head crammed with the latest leadership concepts.

4. Advance with a distance learning Healthcare Management MSc

Whether you’re already in a management role in health or social care and want to formalise and further your learning or have C-suite experience in a different industry and want to hone your skillset for health, a distance learning Healthcare Management MSc might be ideal.

This type of course covers specialist topics such as advanced professional decision making, organisational transformation and global leadership, and features a final project which allows you to showcase your new skillset by highlighting your ability to raise meaningful questions related to your specialism and contribute to the development of best practice.

And crucially, since you’re studying online, this type of course allows you to study flexibly from the comfort of your own home at times which have minimal impact on work or childcare duties you may have.

5. Contact recruiters before completing your Healthcare Management studies

When you’re caught up with balancing coursework with the demands of a busy lifestyle, time tends to fly in and it’s easy to find yourself approaching graduation without having started a systematic job search.

However, by researching a healthcare recruitment agency directory, you can touch base with recruiters before you graduate in order for them to note your interest and remember your name once you’ve got the required qualification for prime positions.

If you delay making vocational moves until you’re standing in your gown with your degree scroll, you’ll be competing for roles with a glut of fellow graduates, so being an early bird is definitely beneficial.

Pick the health management tip from our top five that’s most appropriate for your requirements and propel yourself towards a career that’s tough yet terrifically rewarding.

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