People celebrating the ease of lockdown.

5 Post-Lockdown Positives We Can’t Wait For

12th May 2021

We almost dare not say it, but after a long, hard struggle, the UK seems to be making significant headway in the fightback against Covid-19.

Vaccines are reaching different demographics, restrictions are easing and everyone’s taking tentative steps towards the post-pandemic era.

We’re feeling cautiously optimistic and looking forward to rediscovering many of the simple things that we used to take for granted, as well as embracing new ways of working and studying which might end up being better than those we’ve left behind.

With that in mind, here are five post-lockdown positives we can’t wait for.

1. Family reunions

Some of us have been self-isolating since lockdown V1.0. Others had a brief respite where we could mix with our families indoors or outdoors. Sadly, many of us have lost loved ones. Who could have ever imagined that in order to keep parents and vulnerable relatives safe, we would have to stop all physical content for an indefinite period?

One thing’s for sure, there are no words for the awesome power of a long-awaited cuddle.

Roll on family reunions. They’re top of our list.

2. Socialising (in the real world)

We’re not quite ready to get our whistles, hi-vis jackets and shades on and take to the dancefloor with fellow ravers (although Netherlands authorities have held test raves!).

In lots of areas we can now enjoy a socially distanced drink in a beer garden (even if it is a little chilly) and if all goes to plan it won’t be long until we can enjoy indoor hospitality with friends and family.

Whenever it does happen, we’re sure that human company, rather than food, will be the first thing on the menu.

3. Live music

Ready to throw caution to the wind and dive head-first into a beer-soaked mosh-pit, surf across the crowd and then be lifted over the barrier by a huge security guard?

Nope – us neither. But we’re still really looking forward to enjoying live music in a way that’s safe but not too sanitised (in the experiential sense).

Mitigating the risks of larger crowds isn’t easy, but innovative groups and venues are working together to make it happen – whether it’s a Flaming Lips-style space bubble concert or an open air gig, we’re up for it. With everyone from Green Day to Blondie and Lady Gaga to Elton John still planning to take to stages, we simply can’t wait.

4. Live sports

We’re grateful that professional sports have returned, although even watching them on TV isn’t quite the same with the manufactured crowds.

As rugby, football and tennis crowds return at various venues worldwide, we’re eagerly anticipating being part of the crowd at live matches, cheering on our heroes and reacting to each kick of the ball and strike of the racket viscerally and vicariously.

And we would love tickets for Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury part I or II – give us a bell Eddie Hearn!

5. Agile working (& studying!)

Finding smarter, more efficient ways of working, studying and navigating life in general is a mission which we hope will continue long after we’ve got Covid-19 under control globally.

At ARU Distance Learning, we’ve always embraced agile working and managed properly, we believe that online learning is a fantastic opportunity to make education more accessible than ever before. Since it’s already our passion, we’re excited to drive even more positive changes to higher education in the coming years as it evolves to meet the needs of the ‘new normal’.

So whichever of our online courses you choose for your career journey, we’re always honing the way we integrate people, processes and technology so that you can study to do something you love where and when it suits your lifestyle – as seamlessly as possible.

With agile working, we’re anticipating doing more of the same but better.

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