5 Reasons You Should Study a Masters in Education

5 Reasons You Should Study a Master’s in Education

10th January 2022

If you work in teaching, you’ll know that it’s one of the most rewarding professions. 

But a teaching career can be incredibly challenging, so a passion for educating the next generation is a must.

Maybe you’ve reached the point in your current role where the only way to progress is through furthering your own education. Or perhaps you have discovered your calling in a specialist area and wish to develop further.

Whatever your reasons for pursing a Master’s in Education, you’ll see a positive impact not only on your own career, but on the lives of those students that you teach and help them achieve their own dreams and goals.

Do you have what it takes to become the best educator you can be? Here are five reasons that you should study an Master’s in education with us.

1. Enhance Your Professional Skills

Our Education MA gives you the opportunity to evaluate different types of educational research, and apply this knowledge to your own teaching practices. By remaining up to date with current theories and methodologies, you will ensure that the teaching that you deliver is to the highest standard possible.  

As well as expanding your research and teaching skills, when you study at Anglia Ruskin University, you will enhance your time management and organisational abilities, thus improving your performance in and out of the classroom.

This course will also grow your confidence as a teacher, enhancing your job performance through personal development, affirming your confidence in your role and increasing your self-esteem and trust in your own abilities, giving you the tools to tackle new challenges and launch your own career progression. 

2. Open Up New Opportunities

The field of education is constantly evolving, but research shows that one in six teachers in England leave the profession after just a year, demonstrating a general dissatisfaction amongst educators.  

It’s a challenging sector, and not everyone is equipped to deal with the demands of the role. But if you’re looking to improve your satisfaction in this path, enhancing your qualifications is an opportunity to explore further advancement in your career, and boost your influence to make powerful changes in your role.

Courses such as our Education with Leadership and Management MA will develop your leadership abilities and open up senior teaching positions including head of department, head of year, and headteacher roles with in the school setting. However, you won’t just be limited to the classroom and school environment, as furthering your studies with one of our Master’s degree programmes will also allow you to pursue roles outside of the classroom, such as research and consultancy positions.

3. Develop a Specialism

A Master’s degree in education will allow you to direct your career towards a teaching specialism. If you have a passion for helping children with special educational needs then your career will benefit from our Education with Special Educational Needs and Disability MA.

This programme will expand your abilities as a teacher, enabling you to respond to the specialist requirements of SEND students and subsequently opening up positions in health and social care as well as roles within the education sector.

At ARU we also offer a Master’s in Education with Early Years for those candidates wishing to specialise their teaching towards younger children. If you want to teach younger year groups then specialising in Early Years Education is essential, as younger children are harder to teach – they have shorter attention spans, and limited language capabilities. However, with this course, you will develop a greater understanding of how children learn (particularly how they learn through play), in order to apply this research to your own teaching style.

4. Broaden Your Knowledge

For most of our students, career progression is usually the most common reason to pursue a Master’s in education. But the knowledge you will gain along the way yields its own reward.

Postgraduate study is an excellent way to increase your general understanding of educational tactics and policies. Our Education MA will also introduce you a range of national and international frameworks and dimensions, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of the methodologies that are implemented in teaching environments to enable children to access and excel in educational environments.  

A Master’s degree is also essential for those students wishing to continue on to doctoral research, and will prepare you with the skills to take this next step. The topics you cover on our degree programmes will expose you to different theories, topics, and methodologies which you can then take forward for your own doctoral research should you chose to progress down this path.

5. Full Flexibility

When you study an online degree, you’ll have full flexibility over your schedule. And as you don’t have to be physically present in one of our classrooms, you can dedicate more of your time to your own teaching in the classroom, whilst putting your new learning into practice on the job.

The flexibility of distance learning is also ideal for parents who don’t have the option of returning to a university setting due to their family commitments.

Our online Master’s degrees allow you to set a study schedule that suits your needs, and our expert tutors are on hand to help you manage your deadlines and workload.

Want to know more about our Education MA degree programmes? Get in touch today to take the next steps in your evolving teaching career!

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