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5 Reasons to Study a Healthcare Management MSc

12th October 2022

Do you currently work in a healthcare profession, or are feeling the urge to take the next step and progress to a management role?

Statistics show that in 2018, over 1.8 million people in the UK were actively engaged in a job in the healthcare sector, with the NHS alone employing 1.3 million of that number.

The healthcare system is a unique and rewarding career choice, driven by vocational calling and the desire to make a difference.

It’s a diverse and integral scaffold to the well-being of our society, so if you find yourself longing to make a difference, then a master’s degree in Healthcare Management is the right course for you.

Are you thinking about embarking on a healthcare degree? Here are five reasons a Healthcare Management MSc from our expert team at Anglia Ruskin University is the perfect fit for aspiring professionals.

1. Teaching You to Grow with Change

The most influential leaders are receptive to change, and can help to guide a team through any crisis that is thrown their way.

As the healthcare industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving, change management is an essential skill needed to be a successful manager. 

This course will teach you how to grow with the rapid change you face in any challenging environment, but also how to deal with a crisis, and evaluate the impact to create solutions.

You will study the Global Leadership model to allow you to learn how to make effective decisions, while also examining how mis-leadership has led to failures in the past by leaders.

2. Problem Solve Like A Pro

An essential part of being an effective leader involves seamless problem solving, a skill that ordinarily evolves over many years of working in the industry. However, while studying, you will learn the necessary tools that will prepare you for the process of making ethical, thorough and confident decisions in real-world situations.

For example, you will learn essential transferable skills like communication which can help you better understand the needs of your colleagues and patients, people management experience to help you run shifts and organise the important day to day activities of a high-performing healthcare environment.

Problem solving is a valuable skill in any industry, but it is especially beneficial for managing the unique challenges that are posed by the ever-evolving healthcare field.

3. An Offering of the Ultimate Flexibility

The number one advantage to studying remotely is the flexibility that it offers for you to work alongside your studies. If you currently work in the healthcare sector, this is the perfect way to progress your career without having to take a break to gain qualifications. 

As the course is studied 100% online, you can feel assured that everything you need will be in one place for you to work through in your own time around childcare and career commitments. 

You will study through the university’s Learning Management System Canvas, which gives personalised feedback, discussion boards and collaborative learning activities to name just a few benefits. The power is in your hands.

4. It Opens a Plethora of Pathways

A career in healthcare offers many opening doors to aspiring professionals. Skills learned along the way such as empathy, time management and crisis management can stand you in good stead for a stellar career in almost any healthcare discipline. 

The ever-growing nature of the healthcare industry due to population growth, and an ageing population means that the healthcare system in America alone is expected to grow by 22% by the end of 2022. With this in mind, it’s clear that professionals in management positions are now highly sought after.

As the course encompasses all the skills you need to be an exemplary healthcare professional as well as a fantastic manager, the career opportunities are endless, and the potential for progression makes this an opportunity not to miss.

5. It Prepares You For the Real World

Our assessments are built to prepare you for real-life situations, carefully combining academia with practicality. You will study the history of service design and examine the changing nature of social care systems due to reform.

You will learn how to embrace change, and to extract opportunities for development from your experiences, as well as the necessary tools to teach you how to plan effectively for the optimum outcome.

If you want to embody the change you want to see in healthcare, enrol in our Healthcare Management MSc today.

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