9 Reasons to Study Football Coaching

8th July 2021

The buzzing atmosphere at the Euro 2020 tournament has swept the nation.

Whether or not football is coming home, a BSc in Football Coaching can help you build a game-changing career within the sport, and at ARU, we offer two online degrees in the subject, both tailored to your ambitions.

These two fantastic distance learning programmes can help you build a lively career in coaching. Whether you dream of helping young athletes follow their ambitions or working with professional players in women’s or men’s football to inspire teams to victory, these are just nine great reasons to choose a football coaching degree.

1. Learn from the best

Our tutors have a wealth of experience in bringing world-class teams to success. From sport psychologists to trainers and professionals with UEFA and Premier League experience, you’ll be taught by experts at the top of their field.

Both of our football courses will give you access to exceptional individuals with expertise in every area of coaching, both on and off the pitch. As well as mastering crucial leadership and training techniques, you’ll learn from those who specialise in fields such as sports nutrition and physiotherapy to build a full picture of player’s wellbeing, putting you in the best position to help them reach their potential.

2. Explore topics relevant to your career

As well as the core modules of both our football coaching courses, you’ll have a number of optional modules available to help you specialise in your areas of interest.

One of these will give you the chance to partake in an advanced coaching placement over a minimum of 50 hours, to grow your coaching experience in an immersive environment of your choosing.

Alternatively, you may decide to undertake a research project of your choice to build on knowledge from your course in an area of Sports Science or Physical Education that interests you. This module enables you to hone your skills in an area you choose to advance your own knowledge and experience of subjects relevant to your goals.

3. Grow your understanding of sport science

Sports Science is a crucial part of football coaching, and with both of our courses, you’ll explore how it affects players during gameplay.

Through both our Coaching for Performance and Coaching for Development courses, you’ll develop an understanding of the impact of physiological, biomechanical and nutritional sciences to create strategies which maximise a player’s performance.

And through our Coaching for Performance course, you’ll learn how to use these disciplines analytically to gauge performance and ability and identify areas of improvement.

4. Experience our Cambridge Residential

Our Coaching and Development Course BSc is targeted towards aspiring coaches who want to work with young people and community football projects.

A youth leadership role gives you the chance to make an incredible difference, inspiring and motivating young minds through sport and nurturing the talent of aspiring players to guide their future in football and beyond.

5. Inspire young people

Our Cambridge Residential takes place each year in June, and for those outside of the Cambridge area, this is not only an opportunity to visit a fantastic city, but a chance to gain hands-on coaching experience and solidify the progress made during the online portion of your study.

It’s also a chance to meet your tutors and fellow students in person, in a lively and exhilarating environment. While our distance learning courses are designed for full flexibility to support your career progression, our residential programme is an incredible experience for all of our football coaching students.

6. Learn global football perspectives

Through our Global Coaching Perspective module, you’ll come to understand difference approaches to coaching from around the world, from speakers with international experiences across various sports.

Through this module, you’ll discover tools and techniques utilised by experts with vastly different perspectives to your own – these learnings can be incorporated into your existing knowledge and experience to help you develop your own approach to coaching.

7. Identify and develop talent

With our Player Scouting and Recruitment module, which is available on both courses, you’ll learn how to identify talent and teach gifted players to make the most of their skills.

You’ll also learn what qualities to look for in potential star players and gain an understanding of the recruitment process to help teams find and nurture new talent.

8. Benefit from international experience

As part of this course, you’ll benefit from the skills and experience of individuals with unique coaching experience in football, not just in the UK but across the globe.

As part of our entry requirements, all students on our Performance course must have a coaching or player contract with a qualifying club within or outside of the UK, whilst students on our Development course should have a contract within a football domain in a leadership position. This means you’ll be studying alongside fellow students who not only share your passion, but have their own diverse experience within the sport, giving you the chance to learn from their unique insights.

9. Build the career of your dreams

Our courses have helped many successful students achieve their dream careers in football.

Amongst these is Radoslaw Mozryko, an ARU alumnus who now works for Polish football team Legia Warsaw. As a student with us, he was able to study from Poland and develop his skills alongside his career to progress in the industry – and his is just one of our very proud success stories.

Do you have what it takes to become a football coach? Our Coaching for Performance in Football BSc is perfect for those building a career in professional sport. Or alternatively, gain the chance to work with and develop young talent with our Coaching for Development in Football BSc.

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