an employee managing change in the workplace from a laptop

How to Manage Change in the Workplace

5th April 2023

Although change will be inevitable throughout your working life, your ability to navigate it will highlight you as a highly capable employee, and will help you to learn valuable skills in resilience and persistence.  While change is not always a physical thing that can be manipulated, managing it can often mean having to rely on the strength of your interpersonal …

a man in a yellow jumper is leaning back in his chair and smiling over his shoulder. In front of him in blurred background is a computer screen.

5 Essential Career Advancement Tips to Reach Your Goal

19th January 2023

Career advancement can be defined as the act of using your skill set as an employee to achieve targets and work towards specific goals to acquire extra responsibility, a pay rise or even a completely new job role. There is no linear approach to career advancement, and no exhaustive rulebook; much of your experience and progression in your working life …

a silhouette of a grounded army helicopter with several soldier standing around it

Armed Forces Education and Returning to Civilian Life: The Guide

13th January 2023

Returning to civvy street is a transition that requires patience, not only from yourself, but from your loved ones too,  but change can be an incredibly positive thing. So with a little determination, and some forward planning, your military resettlement can become a rewarding new adventure.  Planning ahead will help to keep you focused for your return to civvy street. …

#WFH: How Has the Hybrid Working Model Evolved?

4th May 2022

As many companies across the world have adopted working from home as their new normal, it’s almost hard to imagine a world where the office-based 9-5 was once a staple of our daily routines.   And looking back, it’s even harder to imagine how an overnight change, at the time presumed to be temporary, has had such a seismic impact …

Businessman in smart casual clothing by train station.

5 Signs It’s Time For A New Career

20th August 2021

We all experience difficult phases during our working lives. Often these brief periods of disillusionment with our profession are temporary bumps in the road caused by stress and pressure. During these times, perseverance can provide us with a learning curve – after all, a little dissatisfaction isn’t necessarily the beginning of the end. On the other hand, there comes a …

Smiling women working on laptop.

7 In-Demand Careers You Can Do with A Data Science MSc

17th August 2021

It’s no surprise then that this growing industry creates countless new jobs every day, and with a Data Science MSc from ARU, you could be well on your way to a brand-new career in an exciting field. As a data analyst, you’ll have the ability to transform a vast amount of data into tangible insights that can have a profound …

Teacher talking with a student.

9 Reasons to Study a Mental Health MSc

11th June 2021

That’s why it’s crucial to have trained and knowledgeable experts with the tools to prevent mental ill health and promote recovery in every part of our society. A Mental Health MSc could be your next step towards a career that tackles these challenges and shapes the future – if you’ve got what it takes, read these nine fantastic reasons to …

nursery teacher playing with the kids.

10 reasons to take an Early Childhood Studies BA

21st May 2021

Working with children can be hugely rewarding – for many it’s a true vocation rather than merely a job. But if you’re a motivated to make a difference and are willing to listen and learn, an Early Childhood Studies BA Hons lays the foundation for a fulfilling career. If you think you’ve got what it takes this career path is …

People celebrating the ease of lockdown.

5 Post-Lockdown Positives We Can’t Wait For

12th May 2021

We almost dare not say it, but after a long, hard struggle, the UK seems to be making significant headway in the fightback against Covid-19. Vaccines are reaching different demographics, restrictions are easing and everyone’s taking tentative steps towards the post-pandemic era. We’re feeling cautiously optimistic and looking forward to rediscovering many of the simple things that we used to …

MBA student studying.

10 Reasons You Should Study an MBA With Us

22nd April 2021

An MBA (or Master of Business Administration) is a valuable qualification for any aspiring manager, leader or entrepreneur. And with an MBA from ARU Distance Learning, you’ll master a range of skills and experiences which set you up for your career goals. So whatever your ambitions or experience, whether you’re nervous about returning to education, harbouring reservations about distance learning …