Educational leader stood cross armed.

5 Essential Skills for the Educational Leaders of Tomorrow

27th August 2020

Every imaginable industry has hurtled headlong into rapid transformation recently and the field of education is no different, although it was in a state of flux prior to the current health pandemic. Pre-existing challenges in education are still present and pressing. Whilst the return to physical learning environments post-lockdown will require new health and safety routines and procedures at all …

Glass office building.

WFH Forever: Is the Office Obsolete?

21st August 2020

For office-based employees, working from home has become the norm since the beginning of lockdown back in March. It has been an enjoyable break from the monotony of the office for some, while others have found the adjustment a considerable challenge. With the re-opening of non-essential venues like shops, restaurants, pubs and gyms, life appears to be returning to some …

Healthcare leaders discussion.

What Makes An Inspiring Healthcare Leader?

7th August 2020

As the world around us has changed beyond recognition, responses to the Coronavirus pandemic from across the globe have been personal, poetic and poignant. From the innovative ways people are connecting with one another under lockdown, to the heart-warming triumphs of heroes like Captain Tom Moore, the crisis has brought out the best in individuals who have been inspired to …

Skimming pebbles.

The Skim – June’s Business Inspiration Summary

10th June 2020

Summer’s here – but not as we know it. As we enjoy the season safely during lockdown, this month’s Skim reflects on a few of the exceptional female leaders stepping up to the plate at the toughest time. You’ll find insights on leadership skills, self-confidence and that all-important work-life balance – take five and treat yourself. ‘Her leadership style is …

Woman wearing VR headset.

Can Distance Learning Replace Traditional Classes?

5th May 2020

Right now, it’s not just distance learning students who are embracing education from the comfort of their homes. Coping with Covid-19 social distancing measures, millions of us are rapidly adapting to working, networking, training, and socialising from home. And a deluge of eLearning content (of varying quality) has flooded our social streams – on topics as diverse as keeping fit …

Skimming pebbles.

The Skim – May’s Business Leadership Digest

4th May 2020

2020 has changed the ways the world lives and works forever.  This month’s Skim focuses on the individuals and companies leading the way through the most challenging crisis in generations. ‘You cannot possibly predict how things are going to play out. You ask yourself; how do I want to be remembered for this crisis?’ As the CEO of a global …

Woman working from home.

5 Things Your Remote Office Needs

29th April 2020

If you’re not a keyworker and you weren’t already working or studying from home before Covid-19, chances are that you’ve been busy integrating digital workplace culture into the confines of your home. Between partners and kids making cameo appearances in your video calls and trying to complete crucial reports while balancing you laptop on the end of the ironing board, …

A video conference.

5 Leadership Skills Forged in Crisis

27th April 2020

Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs. When Queen Elizabeth II reclaimed the WW II spirit for our current crisis by assuring UK citizens that “we’ll meet again”, she exemplified the blend of stoicism and sentimentality that Britain values in its leaders. Indeed, eras of crisis are often defined …

Skimming pebbles.

The Skim – April’s Business Inspiration Summary

16th April 2020

In the current climate, leadership qualities like emotional intelligence and positive mindset are more prized than ever.

While nothing is business as usual, this month’s Skim includes useful transferable advice on remaining resilient and positive in challenging circumstances.