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The Skim — May’s business inspiration summary

1st May 2019

Now spring has sprung, it’s time to shine with more advice from some of the brightest business minds. This month covers innovative startup ideas, crucial industry advice and inspiring entrepreneur journeys. ‘I’d get to work and I’d think I could maybe be making just about what I’m making here if I made more hats.’ Danica Lause’s love of knitting at …

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What are the benefits of distance learning?

29th April 2019

Earning a degree requires commitment, a financial investment and the ability to balance study with family or other responsibilities. So taking time to learn about the benefits of distance learning in comparison to campus-based study allows you to choose which learning style fits your lifestyle and will help you to fulfil your aspirations. Our comparison of the positive aspects of …

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5 reasons it’s the right time to become a Project Manager

18th April 2019

Project Management played a vital yet largely unheralded role in some of humanity’s greatest achievements. Without it, the Great Pyramid of Giza would still be a sandpit and the Hoover Dam would have washed away. In the current economic climate, it can be a powerful passport to career success in several international sectors — here are five reasons it’s the …

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The Skim — April’s business inspiration summary

11th April 2019

Spring has truly sprung — avoid a seasonal chocolate overdose by delving into our business brain pickings. There’s sage advice on maintaining culture while scaling up your enterprise, resetting your mind to increase resilience and much more. ‘The overarching philosophy is that we’re a culture of “yes”. We believe that there’s a “yes” in every interaction — with a colleague, …

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10 Traits of a terrific manager

27th March 2019

Business success depends on a blend of passion, performance and people skills brought to life by behaviours and relationships from the C-Suite to the shop floor. But ultimately, the buck stops with bosses —and for thought leaders like Gordon Tredgold, a lack of quality at the top is the number one cause of business failure. If you want to be a …

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Championing Charity Digital

12th March 2019

Tight operating margins, fierce fundraising competition and ever-expanding service demands mean that technology is crucial for helping third sector organisations survive and thrive. Yet according to a recent report from experts Tech Trust, although 53 per cent of charities fundraise online, 58 per cent don’t have a defined digital strategy. But with the UK Government launching a £30 million tech fund and …

Pebbles skimming on water.

The Skim — March’s business inspiration summary

11th March 2019

With spring on the horizon, March’s collection of musings from the best brains in business is more cathartic than a deep clean from Marie Kondo. It covers innovating through recombining ideas, pro football coaching, digital entrepreneurship and third sector leadership. ‘Entrepreneurship — the beauty of it is that you can just design the life you want to live by creating …

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Digital detox — 10 reasons for a tech break

5th March 2019

Technology simplifies tasks as diverse as researching university projects and reconnecting with far-flung family. And social media and mobile phones are so pervasive that they permeate almost every aspect of existence. But when tech eclipses rather than enhances life, it’s time to take a break — here are 10 reasons for a digital detox. According to US academics, leaving Facebook can …

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Flex for success — why business thrives without 9-5

25th February 2019

Advances in tech have made global business more connected, convenient and agile. Yet many companies stubbornly stick to traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday working patterns for no apparent reason. If you want to flex for success, here’s why business thrives without 9-5. Dolly Parton was crooning her complaint about the inequities of 9-5 work in 1980, but the origins of …