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How to Ask for a Pay Rise

13th October 2023

Asking for a pay rise is daunting for even the most confident employees, but getting your market value is important for both your self-esteem and career development. This simple five-step guide on how to ask for a pay rise will give you a much better chance of getting it.Why ask for a pay rise?There are lots of reasons for asking …

worker using tablet to change career

How to Change Careers and Reach Your Goals

13th September 2023

Since the pandemic, the UK job landscape has changed. Workers are demanding more benefits, more remote working, better work-life balance, more meaningful work, more job satisfaction to meet their short and long term goals. If you are considering joining one of the many UK career changers in 2023, then read on to find out when it’s the right time to …

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What Can I Do with A Psychology Degree?

29th August 2023

 If you’ve ever considered studying psychology, you might be interested to know that there are a large variety of skills that can be applied to psychology degree jobs, giving you a wide range of career options. ARU’s Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc course is accredited by the British Psychological Society, and will capture your curiosity for the human mind, and …

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5 Employability Skills to Develop This Summer To Achieve Your Dreams

11th July 2023

For many, the summer time is usually a great period of reflection. With the warmer weather drawing in, it’s a great time to begin assessing your goals, hopes and dreams for the future.  A distance learning degree can offer you a skill-rich stepping stone into the role or industry of your dreams. We understand that finding the right degree to …

a woman working in a mental health job

5 Mental Health Jobs That Make a Difference

15th May 2023

With 1 in 8 adults receiving treatment for their mental health condition, it is hardly surprising there is a rising demand for mental health jobs. NHS England have reported a need to grow the mental health workforce by 27,000. A look at popular jobsite Indeed showed a total of 24,649 mental health job vacancies in the UK*, 15,057 of those …

an employee managing change in the workplace from a laptop

How to Manage Change in the Workplace

5th April 2023

Although change will be inevitable throughout your working life, your ability to navigate it will highlight you as a highly capable employee, and will help you to learn valuable skills in resilience and persistence.  While change is not always a physical thing that can be manipulated, managing it can often mean having to rely on the strength of your interpersonal …

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4 Reasons Why Early Years Jobs are Ideal for Your Next Career Move

4th April 2023

If you’ve ever wanted a career in working with children, working in early years jobs could be for you.  These rewarding career paths allow you to shape the lives of young people at one of the more important developmental stages, meaning that the care and education that you give will help to shape them into the people that they grow …

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5 Essential Career Advancement Tips to Reach Your Goal

19th January 2023

What is Career Advancement?Career advancement can be defined as the act of using your skill set as an employee to achieve targets and work towards specific goals to acquire extra responsibility, a pay rise or even a completely new job role. There is no linear approach to career advancement, and no exhaustive rulebook; much of your experience and progression in …

Workplace communication

5 Ways to Improve Workplace Communication Skills

21st October 2022

In whatever industry you work, or intend to launch a career in, having good communication skills are essential for your success. When preparing to embark on our careers, we often don’t pay much attention to soft skills, however the ability to effectively communicate is one of the most important soft skills that employers look for in their candidates. Workplaces are …

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4 Reasons to Study Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care

21st September 2022

The fields of health and social care are crucial in contemporary society, and work together to protect the most vulnerable. And yet, to some it may appear that there is a crisis of leadership. 99% of healthcare leaders surveyed by the NHS Confederation said they felt their local social care workforce faced a serious shortage, whilst concerns about delivery of …

Businesswoman waiting for job interview

8 Do’s & Don’ts of a Job Interview

14th September 2022

They say that these days, it’s an employee’s market – for the right candidate. As the pandemic has changed our perspective of work-life balance and encouraged job hunters to tip the scales towards the latter, companies are reporting difficulty in finding – and keeping – staff in what has been dubbed The Great Resignation by some. Still, your performance in …

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5 Reasons Career Progression is Crucial for Personal Development

10th September 2021

The term ‘career progression’ isn’t just about the milestones we set over time in terms of promotion and career migration. Instead, it is an ongoing practice of learning and growth which gives us the skills to succeed in our long- and short-term career goals. But this drive doesn’t necessarily come naturally to us all. Some are not driven to take …