Businesswoman waiting for job interview

8 Do’s & Don’ts of a Job Interview

14th September 2022

They say that these days, it’s an employee’s market – for the right candidate. As the pandemic has changed our perspective of work-life balance and encouraged job hunters to tip the scales towards the latter, companies are reporting difficulty in finding – and keeping – staff in what has been dubbed The Great Resignation by some. Still, your performance in …

Businessman meets with colleagues virtually

#WFH: How Has the Hybrid Working Model Evolved?

4th May 2022

As many companies across the world have adopted working from home as their new normal, it’s almost hard to imagine a world where the office-based 9-5 was once a staple of our daily routines.   And looking back, it’s even harder to imagine how an overnight change, at the time presumed to be temporary, has had such a seismic impact …

Teacher Counselling students in Classroom

5 Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

26th April 2022

The field of psychology examines the thought processes and actions of the individual, and with the right application, has the potential to influence just about every aspect of our society. And whilst most people’s understanding of psychology in practice is usually associated with its clinical applications – that is to say, psychiatry and similar roles – a degree in this …

A man working on his laptop in a home office

5 Reasons to Return to Education After a Break

9th March 2022

Typically, when we think of university study, our minds go to eighteen-year-olds fresh out of sixth form. However, university education is suitable for anyone with ambition, goals, and a vision to achieve them – at any age, from all walks of life. And despite the stereotypical straight-out-of-school university student most expect, mature students make up 37% of undergraduate intake and …

Man in the forest hiking and exploring wild remote areas

10 Incredible and Heart-Warming Stories from 2021

31st December 2021

2021 hasn’t been the easiest year, but even when times are hard, there are always things that come along to lift our moods and remind us of the important things in life. We hope that our final blog of the year finds you in higher spirits than you were at the end of 2020 after Christmas was cancelled at the …

Young couple watching tv at home

10 Underrated Christmas Films

22nd December 2021

Tis the season for huddling round the TV with a hot chocolate and a mince pie, settling in with a festive flick to get into the spirit of Christmas.    And there’s a whole host of Christmas classics we enjoy every year – from Home Alone to Elf, Love Actually to The Snowman, there are just a handful of films …


7 Time Management Tips for Distance Learners

22nd June 2021

Distance learning offers a unique opportunity to study at your own pace. Because of this, it’s ideal for those with busy lifestyles and demanding commitments who couldn’t otherwise squeeze a new qualification into their already hectic schedules. For many distance learning students time management can be the main challenge. How do you fit your learning into your routine whilst making …

People celebrating the ease of lockdown.

5 Post-Lockdown Positives We Can’t Wait For

12th May 2021

We almost dare not say it, but after a long, hard struggle, the UK seems to be making significant headway in the fightback against Covid-19. Vaccines are reaching different demographics, restrictions are easing and everyone’s taking tentative steps towards the post-pandemic era. We’re feeling cautiously optimistic and looking forward to rediscovering many of the simple things that we used to …

Community is kindness poster.

5 Ways We Can Push Reset Post-Pandemic

25th March 2021

After a year of struggling to preserve some semblance of normality in the shadow of Covid-19, we’re still trying to process its impact on practically every aspect of life. For many of us, there’s never been a more visceral reminder that, as a human race, we’re all in it together. So as we try to adapt to the ‘new normal’, …

Woman holding a child in the woods.

5 Silver Linings of 2020

17th December 2020

We hope our final blog of the year finds you well!  Most of us will be delighted to bid this year goodbye and good riddance. But with the approval of a vaccine in the UK and plans already in motion to roll it out, there is hope on the horizon!  Amidst all the fragility and frustration there have been several …

Support the arts poster on a theatre.

Future Fusion – What Does The New Normal Look Like For The Arts?

4th December 2020

No industry is unchanged by the events of 2020 – as each sector tries to reclaim some semblance of pre-pandemic life, our so-called ‘new normal’ presents its own unique challenges. This is particularly true of the arts, which have been deeply impacted by closures, social distancing measures and lack of funding in the past few months. But equally, they have …

Bottom view construction.

Retro Future – How Adaptive Reuse Revives Awesome Architecture

30th September 2020

One of the most exciting aspects of working in construction and civil engineering is the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects which transform towns and cities for the better.  As bricks, mortar, steel, glass and other materials bind together to rise skywards in endlessly inventive ways, they don’t just change the physical appearance of their environment – they can breathe …