Woman holding a child in the woods.

5 Silver Linings of 2020

17th December 2020

We hope our final blog of the year finds you well!  Most of us will be delighted to bid this year goodbye and good riddance. But with the approval of a vaccine in the UK and plans already in motion to roll it out, there is hope on the horizon!  Amidst all the fragility and frustration there have been several …

Bottom view construction.

Retro Future – How Adaptive Reuse Revives Awesome Architecture

30th September 2020

One of the most exciting aspects of working in construction and civil engineering is the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects which transform towns and cities for the better.  As bricks, mortar, steel, glass and other materials bind together to rise skywards in endlessly inventive ways, they don’t just change the physical appearance of their environment – they can breathe …

Woman meditating whilst toddler plays.

Why Mental Health Is Crucial For Work, Rest and Play

16th September 2020

Public awareness on the paramount importance of mental health is on the rise. The issue has been front and centre in the media in recent years, with everyone from celebrities to the royal family joining the conversation. In schools and workplaces, positive changes are being implemented to tackle the stigma, address the causes and provide support for those struggling with …

Glass office building.

WFH Forever: Is the Office Obsolete?

21st August 2020

For office-based employees, working from home has become the norm since the beginning of lockdown back in March. It has been an enjoyable break from the monotony of the office for some, while others have found the adjustment a considerable challenge. With the re-opening of non-essential venues like shops, restaurants, pubs and gyms, life appears to be returning to some …

Elderly couple clapping.

5 Lockdown Legends Who Lifted Our Hearts

4th August 2020

There’s little we can write about lockdown that hasn’t already been written over and over. For instance, the fact that it’s totally unprecedented. Or that no one could have predicted what this year would look like. In fact, any attempt to summarise this year in just a few words is bound to turn out looking a bit like cliché bingo. …

Women working from home.

10 Do’s And Don’ts of Working From Home

24th June 2020

The sharp increase in employees working from home across industries marks just one way our lives have changed since the beginning of lockdown. Whatever challenges you face as you adjust to your new working environment, it appears that this may be the norm for some time – only last month, Facebook and Google announced that the vast majority of employees …

Skimming pebbles.

The Skim – June’s Business Inspiration Summary

10th June 2020

Summer’s here – but not as we know it. As we enjoy the season safely during lockdown, this month’s Skim reflects on a few of the exceptional female leaders stepping up to the plate at the toughest time. You’ll find insights on leadership skills, self-confidence and that all-important work-life balance – take five and treat yourself. ‘Her leadership style is …

Remote working conference call.

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Remote Managers

19th May 2020

Rapid tech advances and a globalised workforce have kept the physical vs remote workplace debate in business headlines for several years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown it into sharp focus. Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures revealed that as of April 23rd 2020, 49.2% of adults are home working, compared to around 4.7% at this time last year. And …