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5 Ways to Improve Workplace Communication Skills

21st October 2022

In whatever industry you work, or intend to launch a career in, having good communication skills are essential for your success. When preparing to embark on our careers, we often don’t pay much attention to soft skills, however the ability to effectively communicate is one of the most important soft skills that employers look for in their candidates. Workplaces are …

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4 Reasons to Study Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care

21st September 2022

The fields of health and social care are crucial in contemporary society, and work together to protect the most vulnerable. And yet, to some it may appear that there is a crisis of leadership. 99% of healthcare leaders surveyed by the NHS Confederation said they felt their local social care workforce faced a serious shortage, whilst concerns about delivery of …

Businesswoman waiting for job interview

8 Do’s & Don’ts of a Job Interview

14th September 2022

They say that these days, it’s an employee’s market – for the right candidate. As the pandemic has changed our perspective of work-life balance and encouraged job hunters to tip the scales towards the latter, companies are reporting difficulty in finding – and keeping – staff in what has been dubbed The Great Resignation by some. Still, your performance in …

5 Reasons to study an online Project Management MSc

5 Reasons to Study an Online Project Management MSc

21st March 2022

The fast-growing field of project management is at the heart of many industries.    And project managers play a crucial role in bringing large-scale organisational operations to fruition. For that reason, it is a path rich with opportunity for those embarking on a project management career. And with a wide range of sectors seeking qualified project managers to lead a …

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5 Top Industries Hiring Qualified Project Managers

28th September 2021

Have you got what it takes to succeed in project management?  Are you a skilled organiser who can unite teams and deliver high-pressure projects in an efficient and timely manner, transform tight deadlines into fantastic results? A career in project management may feel like an ‘outside the box’ choice, but for an ambitious individual with the right skills to make …

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10 Reasons To Study Management With Us

13th September 2019

If you’re looking for a distance learning course that provides on-the-job experience, is industry-accredited and accelerates your career plans, a management degree could be the perfect choice. Studying management gives you valuable insights to the inner workings of the world of business – such as how organisations operate, how employees behave and how to be an effective leader. But the …

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10 Traits of a terrific manager

27th March 2019

Business success depends on a blend of passion, performance and people skills brought to life by behaviours and relationships from the C-Suite to the shop floor. But ultimately, the buck stops with bosses —and for thought leaders like Gordon Tredgold, a lack of quality at the top is the number one cause of business failure. If you want to be a …