Workplace communication

5 Ways to Improve Workplace Communication Skills

21st October 2022

In whatever industry you work, or intend to launch a career in, having good communication skills are essential for your success. When preparing to embark on our careers, we often don’t pay much attention to soft skills, however the ability to effectively communicate is one of the most important soft skills that employers look for in their candidates. Workplaces are …

Portrait of Confident Young professional smiling at camera

4 Reasons to Study Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care

21st September 2022

The fields of health and social care are crucial in contemporary society, and work together to protect the most vulnerable. And yet, to some it may appear that there is a crisis of leadership. 99% of healthcare leaders surveyed by the NHS Confederation said they felt their local social care workforce faced a serious shortage, whilst concerns about delivery of …

Businesswoman waiting for job interview

8 Do’s & Don’ts of a Job Interview

14th September 2022

They say that these days, it’s an employee’s market – for the right candidate. As the pandemic has changed our perspective of work-life balance and encouraged job hunters to tip the scales towards the latter, companies are reporting difficulty in finding – and keeping – staff in what has been dubbed The Great Resignation by some. Still, your performance in …

Young african american student girl using laptop sitting on the table at terrace.

10 Tips to Study Smarter This Summer

5th July 2022

With the weather getting warmer, it can sometimes be hard to concentrate on our work – especially when those heat waves roll in. It can be challenging to stay motivated, especially when we also feel the demands of our friends and family on our free time. Plus, if you’re studying as a parent, then you have the summer holidays of …

Portrait of happy millennial male business leader in modern office

5 Distance Learning Degrees That Will Develop Your Leadership Skills

26th May 2022

Being a successful manager is highly rewarding; nothing beats the knowledge that you’ve lead a team to success. But finding the right person for the job isn’t always easy, and a Gallup poll found that this is something up to 82% struggle with. That said, leadership is best fostered through growth, and with a commitment to education and investment in …

A smiling man shaking the hand of a new employment candidate

7 Ways to Enhance Your Employability in 2022

9th February 2022

Finding a new job is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. But as the world of work is changing, the market becomes increasingly competitive and 2022 is a demanding year for job-hunters If you’ve been in your current role for a long time, your skills can become static and getting yourself back into the job market presents a …

A smiling woman learning soft skills

5 Soft Skills You’ll Master with Distance Learning

8th December 2021

With a proven track record of success, it’s clear that there are many benefits to distance learning.   It’s a flexible and accessible way to study that fits around your working life, your family and other commitments, and your personal and professional goals. As a unique learning format, distance learning is designed to put the power of education into the …

Cheerful diligent woman petting her beagle dog while taking a break from her online work

5 Valuable Lessons We’ve Learned While Working from Home

30th June 2021

After a difficult year, there is, dare we say it, light at the end of the tunnel. Although our long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’ has been pushed back once again, it is visible on the horizon. Meanwhile the rollout of the vaccination programme goes from strength to strength, and many of the familiar freedoms of our pre-Covid lives have already been returned …


7 Time Management Tips for Distance Learners

22nd June 2021

Distance learning offers a unique opportunity to study at your own pace. Because of this, it’s ideal for those with busy lifestyles and demanding commitments who couldn’t otherwise squeeze a new qualification into their already hectic schedules. For many distance learning students time management can be the main challenge. How do you fit your learning into your routine whilst making …

Waking up

10 Reasons Sleep is Your Secret Superpower

18th July 2019

Spend enough time on corporate social media platforms and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the formula for success is snatching a couple of hours’ sleep a night spent curled up on your office floor. But whether you’re a student, entrepreneur or employee, the evidence is stacked against these traditional tales of sleep deprivation being a badge of honour. In …

Woman looking forward while cleaning a surface

Transformative #TidyingUp — 3 reasons to supercharge your spring clean

2nd April 2019

It’s accepted wisdom that keeping your home, office or study area neat and tidy destroys dirt and helps you feel more focused. But with Netflix stars like Marie Kondo making headlines, cleanliness is no longer merely a household task — it’s a cathartic cultural movement that attracts millions. So can clutching a cloth really cleanse your mind and body as …

Man working at a laptop with cereal and coffee

Flex for success — why business thrives without 9-5

25th February 2019

Advances in tech have made global business more connected, convenient and agile. Yet many companies stubbornly stick to traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday working patterns for no apparent reason. If you want to flex for success, here’s why business thrives without 9-5. Origins Dolly Parton was crooning her complaint about the inequities of 9-5 work in 1980, but the origins …