Businessman in smart casual clothing by train station.

5 Signs It’s Time For A New Career

20th August 2021

We all experience difficult phases during our working lives. Often these brief periods of disillusionment with our profession are temporary bumps in the road caused by stress and pressure. During these times, perseverance can provide us with a learning curve – after all, a little dissatisfaction isn’t necessarily the beginning of the end. On the other hand, there comes a …

Women reading a book in a cafe.

10 Study Tips For Surviving Winter

29th November 2019

The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter. It’s the season where all you want to do is wrap up warm, stay indoors and relax – but with coursework and assignments to complete, how do you stay productive and maintain your focus?

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The Skim – October’s business inspiration summary

4th October 2019

It’s time to get down to business with more expert insights from some of the savviest business people around. This month covers purposeful and ethical brands, daring entrepreneurs and excellent industry advice. Alain Sylvain ‘Consumers are wanting much more from brands. They want opinions and they’re looking for brands that have a stake in culture. The best brands are evolving …

Couple enjoying autumn leaves

10 Tips For Enjoying Autumn

18th September 2019

The end of summer brings seasonal blues for some of us – especially in the Northern Hemisphere where it signals the arrival of shorter days, longer nights and wild weather. But there are several reasons that autumn should be welcomed back like a favourite friend returning home from afar. For starters, nature enflames our senses with the fiery hues of …

Accredited Distance Learning Courses

Are Distance Learning Courses Recognised?

10th September 2019

If you’re wondering whether your distance learning course is recognised, the good news is that it most probably is – provided you’ve chosen carefully. Students undertaking any educational course at diploma, degree or master’s levels need to be confident that the time and money they spend studying will pay off, in terms of better employment or academic prospects after graduation. …

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The Skim – September’s business inspiration summary

9th September 2019

Summer might be drawing to a close, but the Skim is still here to light up your day with inspiring tips from leading business professionals. ‘If you can put a product in your customers hands, they may not ‘get it’ immediately. But they can immediately start becoming familiar with it. And then fall in love with it.’ Anne Wojcicki is …