Pebbles skimming on water.

The Skim — March’s business inspiration summary

11th March 2019

With spring on the horizon, March’s collection of musings from the best brains in business is more cathartic than a deep clean from Marie Kondo. It covers innovating through recombining ideas, pro football coaching, digital entrepreneurship and third sector leadership. ‘Entrepreneurship — the beauty of it is that you can just design the life you want to live by creating …

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Digital detox — 10 reasons for a tech break

5th March 2019

Technology simplifies tasks as diverse as researching university projects and reconnecting with far-flung family. And social media and mobile phones are so pervasive that they permeate almost every aspect of existence. But when tech eclipses rather than enhances life, it’s time to take a break — here are 10 reasons for a digital detox. According to US academics, leaving Facebook can …

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Flex for success — why business thrives without 9-5

25th February 2019

Advances in tech have made global business more connected, convenient and agile. Yet many companies stubbornly stick to traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday working patterns for no apparent reason. If you want to flex for success, here’s why business thrives without 9-5. Dolly Parton was crooning her complaint about the inequities of 9-5 work in 1980, but the origins of …

Pebbles skimming on water.

The Skim — February’s business inspiration summary

1st February 2019

Now that 2019’s in full swing, February’s condensed collection of thought leadership highlights will help you sustain your career, study and lifestyle resolutions. Amongst other inspirational topics, it covers career migration, tech startups and space leadership — take a break to unwind with these words to the wise. ‘A mistake is also a compost for what’s going to come next …

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Cobweb clearing — start 2019 fresh and focused

16th January 2019

As the canvas of 2019 unfurls, having the tools to paint the perfect picture is crucial. So since balancing life, health and work is the crux of sustainable success, we’ve gathered some swift and savvy suggestions for clearing the cobwebs and getting inspired. If you’ve spent the post-festive period polishing off leftover selection boxes and party snacks, switching to healthier …

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New Year, New Career 2019

10th January 2019

For many of us, searching for a more satisfying job is top of the January to-do list. But if you don’t want your job migration plans to join the list of jinxed New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to take action now. If you’re ready for a fulfilling career in 2019, our summary of sought-after skills and exceptional employers will help …

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7 workplace behaviours that make you irreplaceable

2nd January 2019

When you finally find a job you love, it’s a cause for celebration. But it’s also wise to think about ways to excel in your new position and keep it as long as possible. Unlike everyday stepping stones in the career ladder, the rare ‘dream job’ comes along once in a blue moon — so you’ll need to devise a …