From HR to humanitarian work — Find where you belong in the Armed Forces


Fostering a powerful sense of belonging is crucial in the armed forces — so in recent years, all branches have pushed hard to become more inclusive.

For example, the changing face of the British Army means that it proudly welcomes recruits from diverse faiths, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.

Life in the military isn’t all about combat — the range of roles and opportunities available is vast, meaning it’s easier to slot in smoothly and find where you belong.

Here are some exciting roles you might not have heard about before in the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

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If you want to develop the ability to lead a team under pressure, enrolling as an Army Officer might be a good fit for your ambitions.

The role can involve everything from commanding a combat platoon to helping save lives and rebuilding vital infrastructure following natural disasters.

And as your career progresses, you might learn more about supporting military veterans and their families as they transition from active careers to civvy street — good officers forge bonds with their teams that last a lifetime.

Royal Air Force

The RAF is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and is running a series of science and engineering events to celebrate its adoption of cutting-edge STEM ( science, technology, engineering and maths) innovations since its inception.

This pioneering spirit is reflected in the range of RAF Apprenticeships currently on offer — the scheme now encompasses 24 unique roles.

Here are two prime examples:

  • Cyberspace Communication Specialist apprentices learn how to install, maintain and operate the equipment that makes RAF operations possible, from local area networks to airfield radars
  • RAF photographers produce glossy PR snaps as well as reconnaissance photos

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy is split into five services — the Surface Fleet, Submarine Service, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Marines. So a life on the ocean waves can also include time spent below the surface or even in the air.

The Royal Marines are famous for their rugged resourcefulness, but if you’ve got an ear for music, you’ll also find a home hitting the right notes in the pomp and splendour of the Royal Marines Band Service.

Alternatively, life in the Navy is rewarding but challenging — so supportive roles can be found in the Chaplaincy and health and social care management.

Belonging in the British military now has a wider meaning — being welcomed regardless of your background and feeling supported by a forces family throughout your journey.

The wide range of roles described, combined with an inclusive culture, now mean that it’s easier than ever to find where you belong.

We offer a range of courses for serving armed forces personnel looking to change roles, gain promotion or transition to civilian life, including:

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