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5 Ways An MBA Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

11th May 2022

If you’re looking to advance your career, an MBA is the perfect option for the pursuit of progress in a variety of roles. 

From finance to marketing, tech to HR – whether you’re looking to advance your career or switch things up entirely – an MBA will set you on the right path to soar to success.

And our Master of Business Administration is ideal for those who wish to build upon the knowledge and experience of their undergraduate degree.

When you complete your postgraduate degree with us, you’ll have the opportunity to study on a schedule that suits your individual needs.

If you’re wondering how our MBA can aid you in achieving your ambitions, read on to discover five great ways our course can boost your career.

1. Gain Management Skills

If you’re looking to advance your career, strong managerial skills are a vital tool that you’ll need to progress. By studying an MBA, you’ll gain the essential management and leadership skills required to grow successful teams.

Progressing to management positions can lead to greater job satisfaction, and better financial security – in fact, according to PayScale, those with an MBA earn an average of £55k a year (although this varies across industries and positions within a company).

By developing your management skills, you’ll place yourself perfectly for progression, helping you to advance and achieve your ambitions. 

2. Further Your Knowledge

From the inner workings of business to expanding your critical thinking skills, an MBA is a great way to further your knowledge. 

The knowledge you’ll gain through this postgraduate degree will help you progress in a variety of careers. You’ll gain an understanding of how company hierarchies work, the psychology that goes into the day-to-day functioning of a company, along with the social and cultural contexts – including changing demographics – those businesses operate in.

The critical thinking, analytical, and research skills that you will gain through the study of an MBA will help you to apply new strategies to improve the workings of your company, your profit margins, and your own career.

3. Benefit from Networking

By completing your MBA through our well-connected online distance learning course, you’ll gain contacts that will benefit you throughout your career. From the expertise of our tutors to the peers you’ll collaborate with along the way, you’ll build lasting relationships that will follow you as you progress.

While platforms such as LinkedIn have made networking much easier – we can connect with others in our field regardless of location – there is nothing quite like the connections we make at university.

If you’re new to studying online, you might think that a distance learning degree offers less networking opportunities than a traditional campus setting. But in reality, the online nature of your study will allow you to experience the best of both networking strategies. You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with your peers through Canvas, the Learning Management System via which you’ll study your online MBA. And as ARU welcomes many international students onto its courses, you’ll also have the chance to interact with like-minded learners across the world and gain an understanding of different cultural perspectives on business management and leadership strategies.

4. Develop Communication Skills

 The ability to clearly communicate your ideas is essential for career progression, and regardless of your industry, a lack of communication will not only cost you time, but money too.

Through remote interaction with your tutors and classmates, our online MBA will hone your collaboration skills. And just because this course is studied through distance learning, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose out on chances to connect with your peers. Canvas isn’t just a tool for you to access study materials and submit assignments – you can use it to communicate with your classmates too.

Successful communication isn’t just limited to conversations with colleagues. However, regardless of the field you seek to advance in, you need to ensure that your written communication skills are also up to scratch. Being able to write persuasively, to complete clear and concise reports, is essential for anyone hoping to progress to management and leadership positions.

5. Wider Range of Career Opportunities

An MBA will give you the head start you need, opening doors in a range of industries.  

As well as offering the potential to progress in your current career, an online MBA will also open up a wider range of career opportunities for those looking for a change. While of course, finance and HR careers are obvious choices that come to mind, an MBA can also help you if you’re looking to pursue a career with a greater social impact

With more consumers looking to use companies that can prove they’re sustainable and socially responsible, our MBA ensures that your business practice is ethical through understanding the intricacies of social, political, and environmental contexts, so you’ll be an asset to any corporation. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your education, with the aim of achieving your greatest ambitions, then contact us today to discover more about our accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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