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Get That Spring Back In Your Step When The Sunshine Returns — Motivational Tips To Get You Back On Track

Posted by Amy Fawkes on March 29th, 2018 in Distance Learning.

Spring is here — so if a long winter has put your life plans on pause, it’s time to hit the re-start button.

Here are five tips to recharge your batteries as we move towards sunnier weather.

  1. Catch the exercise bug


The first few months of the year are traditionally the best times to grab a bargain with discounted gym membership — but it’s false economy if you struggle to motivate yourself enough to work out regularly.

Researchers are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believe that the key to remaining motivated is socially contagious exercise.

They found that runners who tracked and shared their training targets and achievements with friends or groups on apps performed better than those who didn’t — healthy competition spurred them on.

So adopting the same sociable and friendly approach could help you catch (and keep) the exercise bug.

  1. Food flexibility

Food affects mood and motivation — so it might be time to switch up what’s on your plate.

Vegetarianism and Veganism are increasingly popular, but an immediate switch to a radically different diet can prove difficult.

However, taking time to adopt a balanced diet might be enough to boost your energy levels and allows you to include more brain food — cutting down on red meat while stocking up on fish, fresh fruit and veg is a great start.

If you plan your week’s meals to avoid wasting food, you might save some cash too — a win-win for your wallet and your waistline.

  1. Nourishing hobbies

The right food helps you to feel fabulous — but a heart-warming hobby nourishes your soul.

Hobbies make you happy — so dusting off your camera and snapping that unique shot or training hard for a tough Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout can help you create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Our jobs are important, but they shouldn’t define us completely — so making time for the pastimes that we’re passionate about is always worthwhile.

Even if you can dedicate a couple of hours a week to a hobby that makes you feel positive about yourself and the world around you, it’s time well spent.

  1. Be mindful

Being disciplined about relaxation might sound oxymoronic — but if you lead a busy lifestyle it’s important to be strict about making time for mindfulness.

Job, family and financial commitments can pull you in a range of different directions, so brief but regular mindfulness exercises keep you grounded and focused.

The three-minute breathing space meditation can be used at any time of day to allow you to step back from the brink of stress, control your breathing and regain composure.

You can’t control the obstacles life throws at you — but these techniques train your mind to take them in your stride.

  1. Make a plan

The previous tips will help you get in good mental, physical and spiritual shape — this is a big part of what makes lifestyle changes stick rather than slide.

So now it’s time to make a plan — decide why you want to transform your life and how you’ll do it.

Creating a vision of how your improved life will look is a firm first step towards making it reality — and confirming why you want it will let you decide whether it’s really worthwhile.

Your next step is making a practical plan to help you achieve your aim — right down to writing weekly goals in a calendar and details on how you’ll fit your mission around family and finances.

Whether you plan to change career or re-enter education, once it feels right and you’ve got a firm idea of how to achieve it, you’re set for success.

These five motivational tips to keep yourself motivated will keep you in winning form whatever the weather.

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