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Cobweb clearing — start 2019 fresh and focused

16th January 2019

As the canvas of 2019 unfurls, having the tools to paint the perfect picture is crucial.

So since balancing life, health and work is the crux of sustainable success, we’ve gathered some swift and savvy suggestions for clearing the cobwebs and getting inspired.


If you’ve spent the post-festive period polishing off leftover selection boxes and party snacks, switching to healthier fare can boost your brainpower and fuel your ambitions for the New Year.

Brain Food author and neuro-nutritionist Lisa Mosconi has spent years researching the infinite ways diet affects every aspect of our lives and believes she has the formula to help you eat for cognitive power.

And if you’re partial to pomegranate juice, doppio espresso, peanut butter and overnight oats, you’ll be glad to hear these cuisine classics can be incorporated in a dynamic diet.

So ring in the changes with Lisa’s brain health recipes — if they taste good and recharge those little grey cells, they’re worth incorporating in your diet.


The timely tornado of TV holiday ads is testament to the popularity of booking a holiday to beat the January blues.

But before making a knee-jerk reservation for a mainstream destination, thinking outside the summer break box might make this year’s holiday one that changes your life.

Fun comes first and foremost when escaping the daily grind — but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximise a holiday’s potential for providing a new perspective on life’s challenges.

Whether you want to wax lyrical at a scenic writer’s retreat, sail Croatia’s Dalmatian coast as part of a yacht crew or sharpen up your Chinese in Shanghai, a holiday with more to offer than sun, sea and sand can be supercharge your life plans.


A fulfilling job is one of the pillars that supports a productive and positive life — and if your job is past its best before date, it’s high time to change tack in 2019.

So before bailing out of a long-term job, ask yourself some pertinent questions about why you’re dissatisfied in order to define your most desirable career destination.

The philosophers and psychologists who contribute to The Book of Life know a thing or two about satisfying deep-held desires and their guide to career therapy is packed with practical tips on finding a job you love.

A spot of career soul-searching isn’t just cathartic — it can drive you towards varied and vibrant vocational destinations.

Whatever your self-improvement plans this year, our online courses can fast track them to fruition.

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