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The Skim – December 2019’s Business Inspiration Summary

5th December 2019

With holidays like Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah around the corner, this month’s Skim helps you celebrate with brainpickings on digital creativity, cutting-edge startups and self-care for entrepreneurs

Claudine O’Sullivan

I probably should have packed in the day job a bit earlier. But actually, I’ve learned so much from that juggle between drawing and motherhood.’

Award-winning artist and illustrator Claudine O’Sullivan has channelled her creativity into world beating work for Apple, Twitter, MTV and Island Records, amongst many other global brands.

In this episode of the Just a Chat With podcast Claudine, talks to BornOriginal Group gurus Andrew Dobbie and Lewis Phillips about adapting her traditional drawing skills for high-tech clients and balancing her career migration to becoming a full-time digital creative with being a new mum.

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Noah Fram-Schwartz

‘Our tech analyses every word and topic over the past five years on anything that’s being talked about – to identify why a trend is taking off, how organic that lift is and how sustainable it is. Let’s get really good at building up that muscle of understanding why something becomes a trend.’

Glimpse is a company that predicts which startups will set the business world on fire before they spark trends online, providing enlightenment and inspiration for any early stage entrepreneur.

In this Noah Kagan Presents podcast, Glimpse founder Noah Fram-Schwartz predicts that the next big things will include Pickleball and Oat Milk – tune in if you’re intrigued.

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Felicia Day

‘You have to fail to get better. No one project is totally precious; they’re each a steppingstone on a journey to knowing who I am as an artist better.

Actress and author Felicia Day has appeared in cult TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, starred in, wrote and produced award-winning web series The Guild and has authored a new self-empowerment book called Embrace Your Weird.

In this Thrive Global interview, she explains why play and creativity are excellent forms of self-care.

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Daymon John

‘I didn’t have any financial education – I didn’t even have an accountant. So I went to all the banks I could and I got turned down by 27 of them. Even the loan sharks turned me down.’

Daymon John is a mentor, author and founder of clothing brand FUBU, which started in 1992 and has achieved $6 billion in sales to date.

In this episode of the How I Built This podcast, he discusses how he set up his Hip-Hop couture empire in Hollis, Queens, with just $40 in his pocket but boundless self-belief.

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We hope our whistle-stop tour of the business world has whet your appetite for entrepreneurial inspiration. The Skim will return with more thought leadership insights in 2020.

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