The Skim - May 2019 - Skimming pebbles on water

The Skim — May 2019’s business inspiration summary

1st May 2019

Now spring has sprung, it’s time to shine with more advice from some of the brightest business minds.

This month covers innovative startup ideas, crucial industry advice and inspiring entrepreneur journeys.

Danica Lause

‘I’d get to work and I’d think I could maybe be making just about what I’m making here if I made more hats.’

Danica Lause’s love of knitting at college developed into a successful business, Peekaboos Ponytail Hats.

In this edition of the How I Built This podcast, she chats to host Guy Raz about how her ‘failed’ attempt at knitting a hat led to her brilliant business venture, and her future plans for expansion.

Skip to minute 36 of the podcast to hear more from Danica

Lindsay Listanski

‘When you’re looking at your social connections and you are scrolling through pictures of people’s food and vacations, there is that lifestyle trigger than can be married in, in a tactful way, to reengage with them.’

Lindsay Listanski is Head of Marketing for Climb Real Estate, responsible for driving their national marketing efforts and franchise expansion.

In this episode of the 5 Minute Success podcast, she shares some terrific tips for creating a digital marketing campaign that attracts high-quality leads and converts them into loyal customers.

Listen to her amazing advice here.

Shelley Archambeau

‘I tell people, to this day, I think the best first job – and I don’t care what you want to do in life – is a sales job.’

Shelley Archambeau first worked at failing company Zaplet, where she pioneered a successful merger with Metric Stream and became CEO of an organisation which now has 1,200 employees and generates hundreds of millions of dollars.

She’s now a Director of Verizon, and in this episode of Masters of Scale, she recounts the inspiring story of how she formulated a step by step plan which turned her high school dream of being a CEO into a reality.

Find out more about Shelley’s journey here.

Helene Godin

‘I sensed an opportunity, something that could mesh with my desire to do something non-corporate and non-lawyerly that could be pulled off right in the adorable little town where I live.’

Helene Godin is the founder of By the Way Bakery – a chain of gluten-free bakeries.

However, she spent the majority of her career working in the legal sector, where she was part of the team that facilitated the sale of Audible to Amazon.

In this Forbes article she discusses how the tedium of retirement led her down the path of entrepreneurship.

Read Helene’s story here.

The Skim will return in June with more motivational insights from movers and shakers in diverse sectors.

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