The Skim - November 2019 - Skimming pebbles on water

The Skim – November 2019’s business inspiration summary

8th November 2019

As the end of the year draws near, The Skim is here to keep you motivated and inspired with another superb selection of entrepreneurial tales.

This month covers innovative startup ideas, transformative rebranding and expert business tips.

1. Tristan Walker

‘It wasn’t until they [venture capitalists] started to push back that I realised, they just don’t get it. We’re afterthoughts, and that’s just a testament to complacency – and I can compete with complacency'.

Tristan Walker is the founder and CEO of Walker & Company, a health and beauty products brand, which he founded in response to his frustration at the lack of adequate shaving products for men of colour.

In this exciting first ever live episode of the How I Built This podcast, Tristan discusses with host Guy Raz, how he was able to turn his idea for a single blade razor into a hugely profitable business venture, in spite of multiple venture capitalists dismissing his idea and the problem that it was designed to combat.

Listen to Tristan's exciting story here.

2. David Mammano

‘I’ve always been someone who wants to stand out from the sea of sameness.’

David Mammano is a serial entrepreneur, author and public speaker, who has dedicated his career to helping businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.

In this recent edition of the 5 Minute Success podcast, David shares some savvy advice with host Karen Briscoe on setting up a successful startup. For David, a personalised approach is key to securing clients because it encourages them to view you as a friend or partner rather than a vendor.

Listen to more of David’s advice here.

3. Guru Gowrappan

‘It was a very small thing, but I think it simplified a lot, and that led us to focus on bigger problems.’

Guru Gowrappan is the Vice President and group CEO for Verizon Media, which is home to big-name brands such as Yahoo, AOL and HuffPost. When he took over this role, one of the first decisions he made was to change the company’s name.

In this excellent episode of the Problem Solvers podcast, Guru talks to host Jason Feiffer about his decision to rename the company (Oath) to Verizon Media in order to unify this division with the rest of the Verizon brand, and the many benefits brought about by this change.

Find out what else Guru has to say here.

4. Kim Constable

‘Find a funnel that works for you and put all of your effort into making it the best it can be. If you don’t sell what you’ve created, you’re never going to be successful.’

Kim Constable is the founder of the multi-million dollar fitness venture, The Sculptured Vegan, which she built up in just 18 months, whilst home-schooling her four children.

In this inspiring episode of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, Kim explains how identifying a gap in the bodybuilding market encouraged her to set up this innovative brand. She also shares the lessons she’s learned along the way about sustaining a business.

Listen to what Kim has to say here.

We hope our latest selection of business pickings has left you inspired. The Skim will return in December with more motivational insights from the best in business.

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