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The Skim – September 2019’s business inspiration summary

9th September 2019

Summer might be drawing to a close, but the Skim is still here to light up your day with inspiring tips from leading business professionals.

Anne Wojcicki

‘If you can put a product in your customers hands, they may not ‘get it’ immediately. But they can immediately start becoming familiar with it. And then fall in love with it.’

Anne Wojcicki is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, a DNA testing & analysis company that gives people direct access to their genetic information – which they can then use to make more informed and proactive decisions about their health.

In this recent episode of Masters of Scale, with Reid Hoffman, Anne discusses how she chose to work with sceptical gatekeepers in the medical industry (such as doctors and the FDA) rather than avoid them, in order to sustain a successful business in a heavily-regulated niche.

Listen to more of Anne’s insights here.

Steve Olsher

‘Whatever it is that truly puts fire in your soul and being able to identify what that is, is paramount to having any real degree of fulfilment.’

Steve Olsher is an entrepreneur and bestselling author who has also built a reputation for himself as one of the world’s leading business reinvention experts.

In this exciting edition of the 5 Minute Success podcast, Steve offers some sound advice on how businesses and individuals can find their ‘what’ (the one thing they were created to do) and use it to fulfil their potential and achieve success.

Listen to Steve’s brilliant advice here.

Bob Tinker

‘What gets you from A to B often holds you back or keeps you from getting from B to C’

Bob Tinker is the founding CEO of MobileIron, a mobile security software company which, in just eight years, has grown from a humble startup with three members of staff to a global giant with nearly 1,000 employees and an annual revenue of over $150m.

In this episode of the LaunchStreet podcast, Bob explains how he learnt that what works at one stage of the business journey might not work at the next stage. For Bob, change and adaptation are therefore key components in the growth of a successful business.

Check out what else Bob has to say here.

Jen Rudolph

‘I wanted to break down the barriers and all the walls. I wanted to go online where there are no limits, no boundaries, where I could offer opportunities to everyone everywhere and create community like never before.’

Jen Rudolph is the founder of The Actor’s Green Room, which helps aspiring actors learn their craft and build careers through a range of programs including casting director workshops, scene study classes and holistic sessions.

In this fantastic Forbes interview, Jen discusses how she broke down the geographical barriers to her business by moving it from the classroom to online, thus successfully scaling up a specialist business by providing worldwide access.

Read all about Jen’s exciting story here.

The Skim will return in October with another fabulous selection of business tips.

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