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Which Careers Let You Work From Home?

6th November 2020

If you’re one of the millions of employees working from home right now, you’re already well accustomed to the routine of lengthy email chains, last minute Zoom meetings and logging on and off from your own living room. 

As of April this year, more than 46% of us were working from home. But if you were one of the 56% who didn’t, a career change that enables you to work remotely may sound more tempting than ever. The setup certainly has its benefits, including increased flexibility, a better work-life balance, time and money savings from ditching the commute – not to mention, close proximity to the biscuit tin at all times!

All of these perks could make working from home the right fit for you, whether you’re a busy working parent with caring commitments, seeking a better work-life balance, or simply looking for a change of routine in your working life. 

The current crisis has heralded a new era for remote working as companies have been forced to close their physical premises, and in many cases, the new arrangements have proved that home working can be just as effective as an office environment, with potential benefits for employers as well as staff. With many companies debating the future of the physical office, and others introducing home working as a permanent option, now could be the time to get searching for the remote role of your dreams. 

This blog examines just a few career paths which can allow you to work from home – whether fully or partially remote, distance learning can be your passport to these dynamic professions.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is more prevalent than ever and even those of us who have never heard of it come into contact with it pretty much every day. From Google ads to social media campaigns by brands, it’s basically impossible to use the internet without encountering some form of digital marketing. 

And with an increasing number of businesses shifting towards ecommerce, and online advertisement playing a huge role in consumers’ shopping habits, the industry is only set to grow, and digital marketing positions ranging from management, to content creation, copywriting and even consultancy roles can all be conducted at least partly remotely. 

Whether working in-house on company campaigns or with an agency that allows you to engage with and strategize for a range of businesses and products, a Digital Marketing BSc can open doors to a new career in an industry that will further your remote working ambitions. Plus, you might get paid to make memes and gifs – what’s not to love? 


An Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc can lead to a range of career paths, from directly related roles within the field of psychology to positions in a variety of industries which require an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and thought. 

Many of these positions can offer the chance to work from home. With the rise of telemedicine, remote counselling in 2020 is more common than ever, meaning that professionals in this field have seen a significant increase in home working.

Expertise in psychology can also be useful in human resources, certain marketing roles and even education – which leads us swiftly to our next suggestion!


The events of this year have revolutionised approaches to education at all levels, as schools and university closures have forced classes and lecturers online, with teachers forced to adapt at the last minute. 

But as years of successful distance learning by institutions such as our own have proven, remote teaching done right can be just as rewarding for tutors and students, and those considering a role in education shouldn’t rule out the possibility of working from home. As well as traditional institutions and distance learning platforms which offer the possibility of remote work, freelance tutors can offer classes online 

Whether you’re new to education or looking to further your career, ARU Distance Learning offers a range of courses to support the next stage of your development, including our Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA.

Our distance learning courses offer you the advantage of first-hand experience in a digital classroom, giving you insight and inspiration for your remote career as an educator. 

Data scientist

If you’re the data-savvy analytical type, this could be the career for you.  

Data scientists are in high demand across a range of industries. From health to education, finance to sales, and positions in commercial sectors as well as government and academia, analysts and statisticians with the right knowhow can play a crucial role in organisational strategy and decision-making. 

Our Data Science MSc is co-designed and co-delivered by Cambridge Spark, experts in personalised AI-driven training. The skills you learn will prepare you for a big data career with the potential to drive the future – from the comfort of your home.

How distance learning can help you work from home

ARU Distance Learning offers a variety of courses to prepare you for any of the above careers. But with so many options out there, why choose us?  

Our distance learning platform offers you many advantages over traditional campus courses, including virtual classrooms, a vast array of digital resources, and complete flexibility with full-time and part-time courses to fit around your busy lifestyle. 

And in an era where distance learning is quickly becoming the norm, our tutors have years of experience in helping remote students achieve their goals. 

Additionally, studying online equips learners with transferrable skills including, but not limited to, digital literacy, the ability to work as part of a remote team, independent time-management and self-discipline. These skills are highly valuable in today’s job market and will help you stand out from the crowd in the application process, particularly when it comes to remote roles. 

This blog explores just a few careers that will enable you to work from home. Whatever your next step, distance learning could open the door. 

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