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Meet Our Students - Katherine Wright

BA (Hons) Learning Research and Technology

This course was relevant to the workplace and I would absolutely recommend it to others!

I found particular enjoyment conducting research on different aspects of current practice at a deep level. This has enabled me to further my career through an unconscious improvement in personal development. I also enjoyed the close friendships I made with other researchers and felt my personal development grew more rapidly due to this consistent liaison and support.

My professional career has reached new levels of competence and responsibility. Although I am generally a confident person, my studies increased both my knowledge and self-belief.

Excellent staff

A great benefit was having facilitators on-hand to help and support if needed. The teaching and support staff were superb. They offered thought-provoking and intuitive advice and reflection which we as students were able to develop. My peers were also a great source of support and reassurance.

Fitting everything in

Studying at Anglia Ruskin was life changing for me and I did find it difficult to fit in home and family life but with organisation and commitment this was achievable.

Professional advantage

The course exceeded my expectations. Understanding and observing others' in my workplace has served me well in communicating and gaining others trust in my abilities. As a direct result of my degree, I have been able to apply for and achieve a place on a Masters degree course that will qualify me to practise speech and language therapy - a dream come true!

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BA (Hons) Learning Research and Technology

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