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Meet Our Students - Matthew Weekes

FdSc Management of Social and Affordable Housing

The course has opened my eyes to a lot of things.It gets you thinking about the bigger picture.

Matthew Weekes

The FdSc Management Social and Affordable Housing is helping me refine my thinking processes and also the way I approach making arguments, suggestions or proposals.  So when I go back to work and I want to introduce a new initiative or argue my point on something, it’s easier to evidence that in a convincing way. 

The course has opened my eyes to a lot of things.  It gets you thinking about the bigger picture, it’s taught me to consume information more easily.  It’s teaching me to deal with more challenging information and concepts, to analyse them and come to a conclusion about them. 

How do I apply that to work?  My job involves quite a lot of writing.  When I’ve written an essay for my course, then writing a report isn’t so challenging, and I’m also making the content of a higher standard and quality.

Paul Sanderson, the Tutor, has been excellent, I can’t fault him.  He’s been very supportive and I’d give him 10 out of 10.  The interaction with other students from other organisations helps as well.

I’m now more enthusiastic about my career in housing.  I’m learning new things, I’m going to get a qualification, the only way is up.  It’s made me far more enthusiastic about my housing career and my prospects for the future.

 The course will definitely help my career progression. 

"I believe that executing this project will also impact positively on my career prospects, as the work I carried out is a valuable addition to my CV and has helped me to build a reputation for being a problem solver and for being able to deliver business solutions. In addition, it has increased my confidence in taking on projects which are of importance to the organisation. Finally this project has also been of great benefit to the organisation as it is now well on the way to improving the services it provides to customers." Read more
Matthew writing for the CIH on how studying the course has benefited his organisation and his career.

Matthew graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with an FdSc in Management of Social and Affordable Housing and is now using that degree to top-up to the BA (Hons) Management (work-based). Here is what he has to say about the course...

"The Management course is a natural next step from my Foundation Degree. It builds on what I’ve learned about housing and management and takes it to the next level. The course looks at management topics across all sectors, but is still relevant to my job in housing.
"For example, I can see our senior managers dealing with the issues that I’m learning about in the Strategy module, and so it’s great for me to have this knowledge too – it will definitely help my career."

FdSc Management of Social and Affordable Housing

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