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Meet Our Students - Paul Chadwick

FdSc Management of Social and Affordable Housing

There’s another level of understanding which doing the course gives you.

My project is about fly tipping in our communal areas. One of our senior managers did a walkabout in one of our areas and was surprised by the amount of items that had been left, and what was most concerning for him as that we saw this as a normal occurrence, which is wrong. About that time, the project module started and we had to indentify an area of work that would benefit from action research change, so I linked it in with that.

It’s a massive change, it’s not just the policy and procedure that we’re looking to change, it’s the perceptions and habits of residents, tenants and staff. The project has really got me thinking about what is causing this behaviour and the impact it’s having.

The module helped me understand the nature of the problem and explore solutions, not just scratch the surface. Without this course I wouldn’t have done the research, I wouldn’t have found out about the scale of the problem and I wouldn’t have the figures to back it up. The final project will be more successful and there will be a bigger impact on my organisation and our tenants because of this.

When you’re out and about, tenants often come up to you and ask questions about their situation what we can do about it. By knowing some of the context of housing, government policies etc, you can then explain to residents why things are the way they are. It really does help. They may not like the answer but you’re giving them some insight into how difficult it is to meet everyone’s needs, so that is good for them and good for us.

There are things you can learn on the job just by keeping your eyes and ears open, but then there’s another level of understanding which doing the course gives you.

I’ve found Paul Sanderson, the course leader, has been very helpful.

FdSc Management of Social and Affordable Housing

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