A male Montessori teacher in his classroom setting

Education with Montessori MA

Jonathan Coombs

20th December 2021

Advance your knowledge of young children’s learning and develop your early years Montessori practice and open up a wide range of career opportunities with the UK’s first Montessori Master’s degree.

A man sitting in a chair in a modern space with a laptop smiling at the camera

Sustainability MSc

Jonathan Coombs

6th July 2021

Immerse yourself in the key sustainability issues of our time. Develop your expertise, fuel your passion, and make a difference with our 100% online master’s degree

A female teacher is standing in a school corridor

Education MA

Jonathan Coombs

8th October 2020

Develop the expert skills, knowledge and understanding of contemporary professional practice in education, advance your career and achieve your ambitions.

A young child sits alone in a school hallway

Child and Adolescent Mental Wellbeing MSc

Jonathan Coombs

13th July 2020

Our online Child and Adolescent Mental Wellbeing MSc is ideal if you’re looking to either, build upon your existing knowledge, to advance your career, or to start a career specialising in mental health in children and adolescents.