Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc (Hons)

Undergraduate degree

Develop the scientific, analytical and research skills to become a future psychologist with our British Psychological Society Accredited course.



This course is studied 100% online


5 years

Application Deadline


 Application deadline

28th April 2023



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Course highlights

  • Gain professional recognition with a course that is fully accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Build a foundation for specialising in a range of areas; Forensic, Health, Neuro, Clinical, Educational Academia, Research and Teaching, Counselling
  • 100% online learning gives you the flexibility to fit learning around other commitments

What our students say

To anyone who is interested in human behaviour, mental health and just people in general, this course is amazing! I strongly believe that we should all be learning constantly throughout our life. No one is too old, too busy, or too inexperienced to learn new things.


I found ARU a welcoming and diverse community. Module tutors were always approachable and the assistance I was given during my studies was fabulous. I’m very career orientated was given the opportunity to get involved in research right from day one.


About your course

This BPS accredited psychology degree takes you on a journey through the fascinating subject of psychology. Using the latest technology, you’ll experience a broad, rich and interactive learning experience, with the flexibility to fit study around other commitments.

Psychology affects everything we do and curiosity about people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour is at the centre of our course. You’ll delve into the science of mind and behaviour, covering the breadth of the discipline, from applied, social and clinical psychology to cognitive neuroscience and biological psychology. We’ll encourage you to keep asking questions, and develop the scientific, analytical and research skills you need to become a future psychologist.


Application Deadline

Application deadline:

28th April 2023

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