Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care (top-up) BSc (Hons)

Undergraduate Degree (1 - 2 years)


January & September

Intermediate awards: FdSc

This top-up course will provide you with the skills to manage and lead effectively in complex, dynamic and interprofessional/multidisciplinary organisations. It will develop you both personally and professionally ensuring you have the tools you need to support future development and empower you to achieve your potential for career progression.

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Wed, Aug 1st, 2018


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Achieve a full honours degree that's relevant to your current job. Our distance learning course lets you study while you work, and gives you the skills you need to manage and lead teams. We are flexible and you can choose to start in January and complete in 1 Year or 2 Years, or September and complete in 1 Year or 2 Years. You'll be well-equipped to face the challenges of complex, fast-moving health and social care organisations.

Full Description

We offer an online FdSc Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care which will give you necessary credits to study this course.

Additional course information

This course will develop you personally and professionally, and provide the tools you need to achieve your career potential. You’ll build your ability to work as an effective team leader in settings involving people from different disciplines and agencies.

You’ll advance your understanding of the latest policy developments in health and social care. You’ll develop your research awareness and analytical skills. You’ll learn to use higher level strategies for solving practical problems, and you’ll understand how better to implement, influence and adapt to change in your workplace. You’ll also explore the needs of service users so that their views – and those of their carers – are fully represented.

The course is delivered entirely online, so you can learn from anywhere, at any time, without needing to come to Anglia Ruskin. You’ll need access to a computer and the internet, plus basic IT skills. You’ll use our virtual learning environment, and our digital library offers access to electronic journals, e-books, databases and much more.

You’ll also do work-based learning in your current setting. Your study will be directly relevant to your job even though you’ll be investigating wider leadership and management themes.

You’ll prepare for the course online, in advance, with the support of a helpful tutor. You’ll also take part in an online induction which encourages socialising with fellow students and, through a variety of activities, provides a strong foundation for online learning. Induction takes place two weeks before the start of the course and you’ll need to be registered to take part. You are therefore strongly encouraged to apply a minimum of three weeks before the start of the course to ensure the application process is complete.

Students on this course work in the NHS, the voluntary and private sectors and the military, leading to interesting discussions.

Course Leader: Yvette Winnard

Course Details

Core modules

Leadership Practice in Health and Social Care

Effective leadership is essential to providing high quality practice in health and social care settings. Staff morale and motivation, retention and recruitment, professional development, quality improvement, service efficiency and effectiveness all depend significantly upon the style and quality of leadership at the front line. This module will empower you to develop the necessary leadership skills in order to become a facilitator and motivator of change in the workplace. The focus is upon contemporary theories of leadership such as transformational leadership, distributive and leaderful practice and the notions which underpin leadership such as personal dispositions, values and skills

Research Methodology, Design and Process

With the increased emphasis on research-based practice over the last decade, it's essential that established practitioners who wish to take further educational programmes are conversant with research methodology and the application of theory to practice in their field.

Strategic Management in Health and Social Care

Organising and delivering world class health and social care requires a set of strategic management skills which are predicated on sound management theories, techniques and competencies. Using this as the underpinning concept, this module will assist you in advancing your contribution by increasing your understanding of the process of strategy formulation and alongside this, the process of strategic implementation.

Undergraduate Major Project

The individual Final Project module allows you to engage in a substantial piece of work, focussed on a topic relevant to your specific discipline. The topic may be drawn from a variety of sources including: previous/current work experience, the company in which you are currently employed, an Anglia Ruskin lecturer suggested topic or a professional subject of your specific interest (if suitable supervision is available). The project topic will be assessed for suitability to ensure sufficient academic challenge and satisfactory supervision by an academic member of staff. You will be assigned an academic supervisor who will support you on a one to one basis during your study of this module.


Throughout the course, we'll use a range of assessment methods to help you and your tutors measure your progress on each module. These include reflective practice, essays and a major project, as well as the sharing of ideas and critical thoughts in an online setting.

Please note that you'll need to complete all of the above core modules. This course does not have any optional modules. Modules are subject to change and availability.


There’s an online induction which encourages socialising with fellow students, and you’ll be encouraged to take part in online exercises and to use the discussion boards. The course is delivered entirely online, so you can learn from anywhere, at any time.. You’ll use our learning management system, and our digital library offers access to electronic journals, e-books, databases and much more.

You’ll also do work-based learning in your current setting. Your study will be directly relevant to your job even though you’ll be investigating wider leadership and management themes.

You’ll study with, and learn from, other current and aspiring managers and leaders from a range of health and social care organisations, allowing you to benefit from their experiences and best practice. You’ll also build ongoing relationships that will support you in your future career.

Students on this course work in the NHS, the voluntary and private sectors and the military, leading to interesting discussions.

Special Features

Our course enables you to study for a Bachelors Degree whilst remaining in full employment. The course is delivered entirely via online distance learning via our Learning Management System (LMS) and there is no requirement to attend the university. Students must have access to a computer and the internet and have basic IT skills. Opportunities for collaborative activities are undertaken in the LMS to replicate the traditional 'classroom' and the diversity of the student group leads to a rich interprofessional learning experience.

Work Based Learning is a process of applying knowledge that focuses on people's day-to-day work responsibilities. This means that you will be learning about issues directly relevant to your job and investigating themes within the health or social care workplace in general.


You will have access to all online facilities. As a distance learning student there are a vast number of high quality resources available to you through our digital library; including access to electronic journals, e-books, databases and other resources through the internet. This means that resources are available whenever you choose to study, whatever the time of day.

Pre course preparation is provided via an interactive online site with tutor support. You will also participate in an online induction which includes a variety of activities to encourage socialising with fellow students and to introduce you to the university Learning Management System.

What our students say...

“The tutors were really friendly and helpful, pushing me enough in my studies but without making me want to give up. In fact, at times when I was feeling a bit bogged-down in work, a short telephone tutorial would re-inspire and motivate me to continue. I am certain that without the tutor' support, I would not have completed the foundation degree, let alone get a good grade.

"Studying and completing the course has given me a great deal more confidence in dealing with more senior members of staff. I have more input into projects, meetings, and am far more likely to challenge someone or something which I believe is wrong or flawed. Having the background knowledge as well as the foundation degree qualification itself has made me feel on a level pegging whereas without this, I felt far less so. Additionally, the knowledge base and critical thinking skills has enabled me to carry out my job to a higher standard.”

Jane Robinson
Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care Student

Meet your Tutors

Yvette Winnard

Yvette qualified as a therapeutic radiographer in 1983 and worked for 21 years in the NHS. She joined Anglia Ruskin University in 2004 and delivered the online distance learning radiotherapy course until 2010. Since 2010 Yvette have been course leader of the FdSc Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care.

Yvette is currently studying for an Educational Doctorate and her research interests broadly include the experiences of students studying by online distance learning; specifically how their experiences compare to students who attend campus.


On graduating from this course, you'll be able to apply for leadership roles within your own career pathway or move into higher management positions elsewhere.

Although the course relates to health and social care, it delivers wider management and leadership skills which are attractive to employers in other sectors.

Career Advice

Our Employability Service is here to help give you the best chance of landing the job you want. We’ll help you improve your skills and bulk up your CV to improve your career prospects.

As a distance learning student, you’ll still benefit from help and advice on CV writing, interview techniques, job hunting, and general careers advice.

To find out more please visit our careers advice page.

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of our FdSc Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care or equivalent. 

OR 120 Level 4 & 120 Level 5 credits from a relevant subject such as a Dip HE Nursing. Applicants must also be working in a related field.

Additional Requirements: Preferred subject(s): GCE A-level English or Social Science related subject GCSE(s) Required: 5 GCSE's at grade C or above including English and Maths.

Other academic credit may also be considered on an individual basis.

As a distance learner, you’ll also need a suitable computer with internet connection, together with sufficient IT competence to make effective use of word processing, internet and email.

If English is not your first language, you will be expected to demonstrate a certificated level of proficiency of at least IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Fees & Funding

This top-up degree costs £4,700 in total. 

Government-backed part time student loans are also available to cover the cost of studying this course. These are subject to eligibility and terms and conditions, check out our student loan information for more details.

We also offer payment by instalments, so you can spread the cost of studying with us. Please contact us to discuss your options.

For employers considering this course for a group of employees, please call our Degrees at Work team on 01245 686 707 or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Instalment options may be available, subject to meeting the required criteria,

The course is eligible for funding by student loan.

For military students: You can use your ELCs towards this course. Anglia Ruskin University is a recognised ELCAS provider (number 1007). Please contact your Learning Centre for details of ELC, eligibility and how to apply.

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