Meet our students

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, but are united by their curious, questioning minds and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Discover your strengths

The course has helped me to acknowledge my strengths and become more confident in myself.

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Achieve your goals

My experience has been such a positive one, with many highs and lows. The experience has shaped me for future study and given me skills for life, both personally and professionally.

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Achieve your goals

The support I received studying for an online degree at ARU has given me an excellent foundation to go on to study for an MSc and has also greatly enhanced my career prospects

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Realise your potential

I strongly believe that we should all be learning constantly throughout our life. No one is too old, too busy, or too inexperienced to learn new things.

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Meet Psychology student Arianna

Arianna tells her story of how studying via distance learning is allowing her to gain a qualification that aligns with her passions and long-term goals to switch careers and work as a therapist. She explains how studying flexibly with ARU helps her maintain a healthy balance between work, study and family life.

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Sharpen your skills

It has broadened my knowledge and changed my approach to problem solving. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone to learn new things and look at issues through a different lens.

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Supporting your journey

I felt supported, empowered and accomplished. I’ve achieved what I was hoping for when I signed up for the course and I’ve enjoyed every moment.

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Earn and Learn

The course has benefitted my career. The confidence I have taken from completing my modules to a high standard has translated to confidence in performing my duties at work.

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Learn anywhere, anytime

I spent the majority of my MBA deployed to Eastern Europe with NATO and the resources remained easy to use and my studies were unaffected.

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Life-long learning

Studying has given me a new lease of life both mentally and physically. You will be surprised at what you can achieve and the boost it gives to your well-being.

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Complementary work-based courses

There is no other course like it in the country – possibly the world! Everything you learn is then practically implemented directly into your workplace.

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Meet MBA Alumnus William

Discover William's motivations for studying his MBA online and how the degree has injected new confidence, skills and knowledge into his job role to become a valued and respected member of the team.

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This is your moment

I am very proud of myself for finally accomplishing what I have been meaning to do for many years.

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Springboard your career

Pursuing the MBA was a rewarding experience that provided me with an additional challenge, sense of accomplishment, and the intellectual stimulation I sought.

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Build global connections

The course has broadened my outlook and provided me with the opportunity to build contacts around the world.

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Exciting learning journey

ARU is inclusive, supportive and interesting. I am excited about the new semester and what I will learn.

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