Ben Jordan

I encourage anyone who wants the freedom to travel and work while still pursuing their academic interests to consider the distance learning option.

Ben has a busy career as a model in New York. He is our very first student to finish our online Digital Marketing degree. Find out why the distance learning option was the right choice for him.

I chose to pursue a degree in digital marketing because of the field that I was currently and still am working in, fashion. I enjoyed being a part of the creative process and wanted to understand how brands distributed and communicated their products and services.

"Having the option to study online really had a positive impact on my life."

A life and career enhancing course

The degree has taught me the principles of digital marketing and how to communicate and execute them into my work.

What I found most rewarding was the option to not miss out on life while still pursuing my academic interests. Having the option to study online really had a positive impact on my life. You can keep all your life commitments while earning your degree with ARU.

While studying digital marketing I was able to take two internships in New York. First at Pierce Media and Associates (PMA), which focused on creating events for brands. During this internship, the project management module really allowed me to understand the importance of scope, time and cost. Secondly, being a digital marketing student allowed me the opportunity to intern at Purple, a luxury PR company. While at Purple, I was able to use my knowledge from ARU to assist on social media campaigns and press releases.

Why ARU?

The course really provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing world. You’re supported as much as you wanted to be, with frequent check-ins from support staff.

The online facilities were daunting to begin with, but after a few weeks it became second nature. The online library was very helpful, especially if you didn’t want to continually purchase textbooks.

I would sum up my experience of studying distance learning with ARU as flexible, effective and a great use of time.

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Supporting your journey

All ARU staff from my experience and perspective were amazing. My course leader and my final project coordinator were both very motivational, supportive and inspiring.

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Achieve your goals

Anglia Ruskin is a friendly university, the staff are really helpful and the experience will develop you both personally and professionally.


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