Keaton Wood

Coaching for Performance in Football BSc (Hons)

With the FA looking to professionalise coaching, my degree will help me stand out from the crowd.

Keaton’s performances have been rewarded with a call up to the England C Team. Recently joining Southampton Football club in a coaching role, Keaton has been given the opportunity to lead and assist academy training and match day activity.

I was always open to the idea of further education after professional football, and with an online course that allowed me to continue playing and join a world renowned football academy, I’ve had a great opportunity.

The course fits in with my busy schedule, and the residential is timed perfectly outside of the football season.

I would not underestimate the residential. I learnt a lot, met exciting new people and built a network of people in football coaching.

Futureproof your career

I’m looking to pursue a career in football coaching, and with the FA looking to professionalise coaching, my degree will help me stand out from the crowd.

Improving my vast knowledge of the game and also meeting new people has benefitted my career immensely. I’m certain I will use all my knowledge from the course when I start my new coaching position and in future roles. It has already improved my existing knowledge of coaching.

I have recently relocated to Southampton, which is 3 hours from my original home, so I have also gained independence, a flat and a new life!

The course residential is vital for making connections

Getting to know my peers and especially with the residential each June, has been very beneficial. To build relationships with coaches and other professionals and utilise their wide pool of knowledge has only advanced my development and my people skills.

I would not underestimate the residential. Having a week with my peers at the university in a learning environment is where I learnt a lot, met exciting new people and built a network of people in football coaching.

A unique course with a breadth of modules

The psychology module has enabled me to better understand the science behind the department at Southampton and how best I can connect with the players.

I have learnt about better nutrition, conditioning and anatomy, which has really helped my game on the pitch.

A clear route to progression

Southampton FC have offered me a job starting next season after the work I have put in with the Academy.

I have developed as a player at Dartford FC. After a very good season with them, I was rewarded with third place and a playoff place. Captaining England at C level has also given the club good publicity.

Why ARU?

Through each module, I have never felt isolated. I have always been able to email or speak to staff.

The site is very user friendly once you know your way around. Online learning has become a lot more professional and also easier to navigate.

Tips for students

Manage your time and give it everything! Really delve into the course as there is so much to learn.

From someone who has a lot of commitments other than studying, be sure to have a clear and concise schedule. Be prepared to balance time and sacrifice some from other areas of your life.

Talk to your employers about your new commitments because as long as people understand your situation, they are more understanding at times when you are under pressure.

For anyone who wants to further their development in football coaching at whatever level I would recommend this course. Also, with the FA looking to professionalise coaching, a degree will soon be a must for applying to high-level coaching professions.

I have really enjoyed my first year. I have learnt new things and solidified knowledge of areas I already understood. It has also allowed me to lead a more independent life.

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