Mario Cassar

The ability to translate academic learning into actionable insights that can drive real world improvements has been immensely fulfilling, validating the time and effort invested in this degree.

Mario chose to pursue a Master's degree in Project Management to complement his professional background and further excel in his areas of practice: architecture, design, and project management. Having previously completed an MA, he recognised the importance of continuous professional development to stay ahead in his field.

Running my own company and managing a team of employees while also fulfilling family commitments presented numerous challenges that highlighted the need for advanced skills in project management. I was particularly drawn to this degree because it allowed me to balance my professional, personal, and academic responsibilities.

The Project Management program provided a comprehensive curriculum that I believed would enhance my ability to oversee complex projects, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality results in architectural and design projects.

This degree has equipped me with the necessary tools to manage time, resources, and teams more effectively, ensuring I can meet and exceed client expectations while fostering a productive and innovative work environment.

Pursuing this degree was a strategic decision to bolster my expertise, drive my
company’s success, and continue my journey of lifelong learning and professional growth.

This qualification has enhanced my professional capabilities and marketability and contributes to my personal development and overall life satisfaction, making it a truly rewarding endeavour.

Designed to benefit you personally and professionally

The knowledge and skills I've gained through this program have equipped me to manage projects more efficiently and effectively. This is crucial in my roles within architecture and design, where overseeing complex projects is a daily task.

Running my own company and leading a team of employees require strong leadership and managerial skills. The program has taught me modern techniques and strategies to motivate and guide my team towards achieving our collective goals.

Holding a second Master's degree, particularly in a field as critical as Project Management, enhances my credibility and positions me as a more competitive professional in the industry. This, in turn, helps in attracting high-profile projects and clients.

The coursework and practical experiences have sharpened my ability to make strategic decisions that positively impact my business operations, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Personally, the rigorous academic challenge of balancing this degree with my previous MA, professional duties, and family commitments has significantly boosted my self-confidence and resilience.

Juggling multiple responsibilities has honed my time management skills, allowing me to prioritise tasks more effectively and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Pursuing continuous professional development through this degree has fuelled my passion for learning and personal growth, providing a deep sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

The program has allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals and experts in the field, fostering valuable opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

This qualification enhances my professional capabilities and marketability and contributes to my personal development and overall life satisfaction, making it a truly rewarding endeavour.

Rewarding experiences to benefit your career

The most rewarding aspect has been seeing the practical application of my dissertation's study units. Each module provided essential knowledge that, when combined, enabled me to conduct a comprehensive and impactful research project. Seeing how the theories and practices learned throughout the course could be integrated into a cohesive study was incredibly satisfying.

The true reward came from realising that the findings from my dissertation could be directly applied to the local industry. Measuring Malta’s project management maturity level across the construction industry meant that the strategies and solutions developed during my research could be implemented to improve project management practices within my professional sphere, benefiting both my company and the broader industry

In essence, the ability to translate academic learning into actionable insights that can drive real-world improvements has been immensely fulfilling, validating the time and effort invested in this degree. In addition, my supervisor’s firm belief in my dissertation led him to push me towards publishing my findings into a paper, which is a work in progress.

Direct impact in the workplace

The course has equipped me with practical tools and strategies that have directly contributed to my career advancement and the successful completion of complex projects.

I applied advanced project management techniques learned during the course to a work project. The project involved multiple stakeholders, tight deadlines, and significant budget constraints. Applying my coursework's project planning and risk management strategies, I created a detailed project plan that identified potential risks and outlined mitigation strategies.

During the execution phase, I applied the communication and leadership skills developed through the program to effectively coordinate with the project team, ensuring that everyone was aligned and focused on our objectives. This proactive approach kept the project on track and fostered a collaborative and efficient work environment.

As a result, the project was completed on time and within budget, exceeding the client’s
expectations. This success strengthened my company’s reputation and highlighted the direct impact of the skills and knowledge gained from my studies on my professional practice. It demonstrated how advanced project management techniques can lead to successful project outcomes and drive business growth.

My place of work has greatly benefited from the course through improved project efficiency and effectiveness. The advanced project management techniques and strategies I've learned have streamlined our project planning and execution processes. This has led to better time management, reduced costs, and enhanced team collaboration. As a result, our projects are now contributing to increased client satisfaction and business growth.

Tips for students

The most challenging aspect of studying for my MSc degree was finding the time to dedicate to my studies amidst a demanding schedule. Balancing the responsibilities of running my own company, managing a team of employees, fulfilling family commitments, and maintaining my professional development was a significant challenge.

Despite the hectic schedule, I consciously incorporated short breaks and self-care activities to avoid burnout. This included quick walks, holiday escapes and spending quality time with my family.

While managing time for my studies amidst various commitments was challenging, a
combination of structured planning, prioritisation, efficient study techniques, and support from family and peers enabled me to overcome these obstacles and succeed in my academic pursuits.

I would recommend embracing the opportunity to anyone considering undertaking a course with ARU. If I had to provide a few pieces of advice, these would be:

1. Time Management: Balancing studies with personal and professional commitments can be challenging, so developing a structured study schedule is crucial. Allocate specific times for coursework and stick to them, using weekends and evenings as necessary.

2. Engage Actively: Take full advantage of the resources and support services offered. Engage actively with your instructors and peers through discussion forums and virtual sessions. This will enhance your understanding and create a supportive learning community.

3. Utilise Resources: Make extensive use of the online library, databases, and other digital resources provided by ARU. These are invaluable for your research and assignments and will significantly aid your learning process.

4. Seek Support: Don't hesitate to reach out for support when needed. The teaching staff and support services are there to help you succeed, whether you need academic guidance or personal support.

5. Stay Motivated: Keep your long-term goals in mind and stay motivated. The journey may be demanding, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Celebrate your progress along the way and remember that your hard work will lead to personal and professional growth.

As an alumnus, I can state that ARU offers a robust and supportive learning environment for students to make the most of their educational experience and achieve their goals.

Why ARU?

I would highly recommend the MSc degree in Project Management to others. This course offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with advanced project management skills and knowledge applicable to various industries.

The flexibility of the online learning format is particularly beneficial for those balancing professional and personal commitments. The support from the teaching staff and the extensive online resources provided by the university creates a robust learning environment. Additionally, the practical applications of the course content, which can be directly implemented in real-world projects, makes this programme invaluable for career advancement and professional growth.

Overall, it is a well-rounded and rewarding program that can significantly enhance expertise and career prospects.

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