Rose Walker

Charity and Social Enterprise Management Cert HE

For anyone with managerial experience who is new to the third sector, this course is invaluable.

Rose spent 10 years in the hospitality industry before changing careers to the third sector. She now works as an Operations Manager at children’s charity Kids Inspire.

As this is my first role in the third sector, I wanted a course that focussed on the sector, to help me transfer my skills into a new environment, and best support my organisation I felt this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn and improve my skills in lots of areas.

I was able to utilise learning from the course from the very beginning, and implement changes straight away that have benefitted Kids Inspire.

I was able to utilise learning from the course from the very beginning, and implement changes straight away.

Building connections

Networking with likeminded individuals throughout the course and workshops, sharing challenges and ways of working has been incredibly beneficial. My network in the third sector was fairly small when I joined and it has now grown. It’s really helpful to understand the challenges that all third sector organisations face, and the different ways they can be overcome.

Making significant impact

I have been able to make significant changes using the tools and skills I have learnt. I feel much more confident about my role, and how I can utilise my experience in a different environment.

I feel this course will enable me to carry on my career within the third sector. With 10 years of experience in the private sector, this was a difficult transition. This course will demonstrate my commitment to the sector and give me a qualification that highlights my skills and ability to learn and adapt.

Kids Inspire now have a more confident Operations Manager. From the first module I have rewritten our organisational strategy, values, vision and mission. From the second and third modules I have improved how we construct our annual accounts, and created a marketing strategy for a trading subsidiary.

Tips for students

Planning is essential. I created a timetable for each module to keep on top of the work and start the assignments within plenty of time. It is difficult to achieve the balance, and it is trial and error depending on how you like to work. I found it easier to allocate time at weekends where I could study for a full day, rather than trying to study for a few hours in the evening after a long day at work. I also took a day’s leave before my last assignments were due to take off some of the pressure. I found I could still keep my personal and work commitments by being organised with my time.

Kids Inspire has been flexible whilst I have been studying, I have been able to attend the workshops during work hours.

Why ARU?

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their management skills in a third sector focussed environment. For anyone with managerial experience who is new to the sector this course is invaluable.

Speaking with other students who have always worked in charities, this course offers another perspective and explores areas that may not be familiar to everyone.

ARU is inclusive, supportive and interesting. Even after having 3 months off from studying, I am excited about the new semester and what I will learn.

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