Shipa Begum

As a distance learning student, I have been able to study at a time and place convenient to me. My course has helped me to learn and successfully apply new knowledge and skills to my current workplace

Shipa is a Trainer at the University of Bedfordshire and is in her second year of her studies at ARU.

I chose this degree because it was convenient and directly relevant to the demands of my current workplace. The distance-learning mode helped a lot, as I was able to manage my job, family life and study in the comfort of my home whilst still developing my career prospects.

As the course progressed I quickly realised that I was learning from lecturers and from peers via the interactive discussion board the way I would have in a classroom setting. Overall the University’s online facilities and resources are excellent. You never feel the need to visit the campus as all the help and resources you need for the course are at your fingertips.

I was able to manage my job, family life and study in the comfort of my home whilst still developing my career prospects.

Acknowledging strengths to progress your career

The Masters course will enhance my career prospects, as I feel I am more up to date in my field and I can demonstrate this via the qualification. It has helped me to acknowledge my strengths and become more confident in myself.

Through the course I have learnt that I am motivated, determined and have good time management skills, which is why I am close to completing my course.

Building confidence through encouraging support

It’s rewarding and very encouraging when you complete and submit an assignment and then you receive positive and encouraging comments and feedback from the teaching team. It keeps you going on this journey.

I have been able to demonstrate my knowledge around evaluating materials design and research skills, which I would not have been confident to do had I not embarked on the course.

Designed with the workplace in mind

My workplace is definitely benefiting from this course, as I am currently working on developing an evidenced based tool to be used in the current materials design process as part of my major project. Therefore, it is professionally developing and benefiting my workplace.

Top tips for students

I would advise anyone who is considering undertaking a course at Anglia Ruskin to read up about the course and find out how the course will benefit you personally and professionally in the long term.

Create a realistic timetable that works for you and the demands of your course. Also, not to feel embarrassed to contact the relevant staff or team when you require support. This will save you a lot of time.

Why ARU?

A very supportive University where staff understand students’ needs and provide an excellent service to them.

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