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Shape Your Future with a Distance Learning Degree

Shape your future with an online degreeAre you keen to learn new skills? Do you want to improve your career prospects? Fancy shaping your future by making smart educational choices? Do you want to earn while you learn?

If you’re nodding and shouting enthusiastically at all of the above, it’s time you joined us on an exciting educational journey.

Whether you’re looking to supplement existing skills with a work-based course, seeking a new challenge and a career change, or you simply want to study for fun, you’re in the right place.

With an online degree, you can choose when and where to study, which is ideal for busy professionals or those juggling family and childcare commitments.

Long gone are the days of enrolling at a local college or university and struggling to harmonise your working life with an inflexible classroom schedule.

Take Advantage of an Innovative Learning Environment

Learn and study wherever you have a computer and an internet connection, with access to our pioneering Learning Management System (LMS) only ever a click away.

Indeed, it’s astounding to think how far distance learning has come ...

In the early days, hopping impatiently from foot to foot while waiting for the postman to arrive so you could find out the title of your next essay was commonplace.

This was then followed by hours spent tracking down the last copy of an “essential reading” book in the local library.

Additionally, in those pre-digital days, completing a distance learning degree often meant working alone on an assignment for days or even weeks, with limited guidance or feedback from your course tutor and only occasional interaction with fellow students.

How things have changed …

Distance Learning with a Difference

As a distance learning student, the internet has undoubtedly revolutionised the way in which you go about the business of studying for degrees and qualifications.  While you’ll still work remotely, the facility to work online has hugely increased the benefits of distance learning.

Rapid communications allow real time access to tutors and online degree course materials, with the proliferation of blogs, wikis and other social media making the whole process interactive. This also makes your course far more interesting and engaging, wherever in the world you may be based.

Sophisticated modern technology has led to a rapid proliferation in the educational opportunities available to distance learning students worldwide, some located in even extremely remote areas. Indeed, we currently have distance learning students pursuing online degree programmes just about anywhere in the world where there is a reliable internet connection!

So, whether you're an eager economist in Ealing, an aspiring advertising executive in Algiers, a diligent management trainee in Delhi, or a full-time mom in Michigan planning a return to work, YOU can be part of the distance learning experience.

Check out Our Wide Range of Online Courses

Regardless of your area of interest, we’re sure to have an online course to suit.

To keep ahead of the distance learning curve, our portfolio is expanded on a regular basis, ensuring the courses on offer are relevant and meet your educational requirements.

Importantly, not only are courses designed to equip you with theoretical knowledge, but you’ll learn practical skills that are invaluable in the workplace.

The degree courses we currently offer through distance learning include

To view the full lost of distance learning degrees we offer please click here.

Why Study With Anglia Ruskin University?

In the many years since our inauguration, we’ve become one of the largest universities in the East of England, and our experience leaves us perfectly placed to provide you with the finest distance learning degrees the educational world has to offer.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, all of our students reap the rewards and enjoy the countless benefits of distance learning, including ...

... but that’s not all.

While distance learning may sound remote, partaking in an online degree actually offers an opportunity to engage with your tutors and a wide circle of your peers whenever the mood strikes.

Learn More about Distance Learning Degrees

The digital revolution, with its lightning-quick communications and instant access to a wealth of information on literally any subject you choose, has almost certainly been the most influential factor behind the increasing uptake of distance learning degrees.

If you want to discover which course best suits you, and to explore the distance learning degrees available online with Anglia Ruskin, view our course list and contact our admissions team today.


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