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Introduction to learning at a distance

Welcome to Anglia Ruskin University!

We are very much looking forward to helping you get a head start on your learning journey and would like to invite you to explore some of the excellent services enjoyed by all our students. We think it's important to your success as a distance learner to make sure that you are properly equipped for your studies by providing some general advice and guidance, as well as sharing some insights into what it means to be a distance learner and some useful hints and tips to help you make the most of your experience. 

To navigate through the guide please follow the links in the contents below or use the menu to the left.


  1. What distance learning involves
    1. What distance learning involves
    2. What a distance learning course includes
    3. What it means to be a distance learning student
    4. How Anglia Ruskin supports distance learning
  2. What you need for online learning
    1. Computer equipment
    2. Computer skills
  3. How to study at a distance
    1. Managing your learning
    2. Student support
    3. Study skills: support, strategies and guides
  4. Finding information online
    1. Finding information online
    2. Academic honesty
  5. Online communities and communication
    1. Online communities and communication
    2. Online behaviour and netiquette
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