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What distance learning involves

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What distance learning involves 

As an Anglia Ruskin distance learner you will have access to nearly all of the facilities that are available to our campus-based students. Learning is made possible through the internet by using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to access everything you need to successfully complete a course. 

The VLE works like a web site but has extra tools designed to support your learning. Through the VLE you will be able to access course materials and resources, engage in learning activities, communicate with staff and fellow students and obtain support for your studies. 

Essentials #1 - Using a computer

As all our distance learning courses will require you to access our virtual learning environment (VLE) don't forget to make sure that you will have access to the necessary computer equipment before beginning a course with us.  For more information see What you need for online learning.

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What a distance learning course includes

A typical course is made up of a number or units usually referred to as modules. At the core of each module is a series of learning activities. Your learning will be guided by working through these learning activities. Each learning activity may have supporting materials, and will include specific tasks to develop your knowledge and understanding. 

Supporting materials can take a range of formats including text, podcasts, e-presentations, and quizzes designed to support your studies. All the information you require will be contained in course guides but you will need to look further afield to access all the resources needed to successfully complete some tasks. This will include the university digital library, other libraries, the internet, your fellow students and, where relevant, work colleagues.

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What it means to be a distance learning student

We realise that one of the challenges for distance learners can be feeling isolated or 'cut off' from other learners and your tutors. At Anglia Ruskin we do our best to help you feel part of our community by ensuring that you receive all the support need from staff and have the opportunity to develop supportive networks with your fellow students, wherever they may be located.

One of the big advantages of Distance Learning is of course the flexibility it offers you in terms of where and when you choose to study. However, such freedom of choice can be a 'double-edged sword' so it is important that you plan and manage your studies. 

Essentials #2 - Things to think about

Planning how you will manage your studies will help you get the most out of your course. Ask yourself for example how you will:

Manage your environment
- Where will I study?
- What resources will I need?
- How will I get the support of family and friends?

Manage your time
- How much study time will I need?
- How will I manage deadlines?
- How will I keep on track?

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How Anglia Ruskin University supports distance learning

Anglia Ruskin will:

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