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Finding Information Online

The University library

Browse our free guides on information and library skills. Find subject based guides to searching the internet, tips on essay writing and time management in our Student Services guides.

Information Skills

Unsure how to find the right information? Having trouble with referencing? Search Information Skills, our own online information skills tutorial, for help, or work through the five modules to improve your information skills.

Become a referencing wizard!

Get one step ahead - find out all about referencing, how to do it using the HARVARD System, and why it's important.


Books are still at the heart of our University Library service. Review our library catalogue to see the range of texts. We have hundreds of books and e-books available for our students.

News and information for researchers

We maintain these special web pages for our researchers. Find out how you can keep yourself updated with the latest developments in your subject area. Contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian to discuss your research topic.


The University Library supports the ReadingLists@Anglia system. You can locate the electronic list for your module, providing access to resources via the library and the web.

The internet

The internet provides access to a vast amount of information and resources from across the world; however, not all of it is provided by trustworthy sources. Unlike printed academic publications much of the material published on the web has not been through any form of quality review process. Not only will you need to develop effective and efficient searching skills to find what you need as quickly as possible but you will also need to be sure that the information you do find is reliable.

To assess the value of information you do on the web you will find it helpful to run through a simple checklist:

'Surfing' the web can easily turn into a time-wasting process unless you resist the temptation to follow 'links' which will take you away from the focus of your search.

Essentials #5 - Successful internet searching

Take a look at our University Library's excellent Internet searching webpage for general advice on which search engines to use to find different types of resources, and for effective searching tips

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Academic honesty

During your studies you will be expected to undertake learning activities which will require you to draw on material created by others, including other students. It is important that you acknowledge the use of such material which could be in the form of text, data, image, sound or performance. If you neglect to do so, either deliberately or by mistake, you will run the risk of being accused of plagiarism and face severe penalties. The Good Academic Practice (GAP) resource will help you develop good practice in your academic work, and to avoid the risk of plagiarising and our Copyright guide explains the obligations required to ensure compliance with UK copyright law and licensing agreements.

Essentials #6 - Avoiding plagiarism

Find out more about plagiarism, how to avoid it and Anglia Ruskin University's plagiarism policy through the Information Skills tutorial.

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