You’re drawn to ideas about human behaviour. You want to explore the science and history around the way we think. Psychology at ARU offers total immersion. Using the latest technology you’ll experience a broad, rich and interactive learning experience, with the flexibility to fit study around other commitments.


Developing and supporting future Clinical Psychologists

A career in Psychology

Considering pursuing a career in Psychology? Well you're not alone. Over 750,000 people in the UK currently work in an area which involves Psychology as part of their role.

There are many different routes you can take from Health, Clinical, Educational, Academia, Research and Teaching, Occupational, Counselling, Neuro and Sports and Exercise. You can read more about these specialist routes on the British Psychological Society website.

To become a Chartered Psychologist, you will first need to gain Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) by completing an accredited degree and then go on to receive further training in the specific field of psychology that you want to work in.

Flexible online learning

We understand the challenges of studying around work and family responsibilities. That's why our online degrees have in-built flexibility to study at a time and place to suit you.

You'll study through Canvas, our world-class online Learning Management System (LMS), which can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer, at home or on the move. With instant access to study materials, forums, and plenty of support from tutors and classmates you're ready to get going. 

The British Psychological Society accredited

Reach your potential.

See how a flexible and supportive online learning experience has enabled Keaton, Paul and Emily to fit study into their busy lives to achieve their ambitions.

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Our BPS accredited online Applied Psychology degree

Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc (Hons)

Develop the scientific, analytical and research skills to become a future psychologist with our British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited degree.

Benefit from our emphasis on practical and applied work with our 100% online degree for ultimate flexibility.

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