5 Reasons to study an online Project Management MSc

5 Reasons to Study an Online Project Management MSc

21st March 2022

The fast-growing field of project management is at the heart of many industries.   

And project managers play a crucial role in bringing large-scale organisational operations to fruition. For that reason, it is a path rich with opportunity for those embarking on a project management career. And with a wide range of sectors seeking qualified project managers to lead a variety of operations, an MSc could be the key to your next career move.

Our fantastic distance learning course is accredited by the Association of Project Managers, meaning our MSc will give you the chance to develop an agile and exciting career with a recognised qualification, grow your earning potential and boost your job satisfaction

If you’re considering an MSc in project management, here are just five fantastic reasons to study with us.

1. Develop your skills as a leader and planner

Planning is at the heart of project management. Whether you’re handling budgets, allocating resources or managing teams, the role of a project manager requires a diverse array of skills to succeed.

And with our Project Management MSc, you’ll master the full range of proficiencies required to lead dynamically. As part of our online MSc, you’ll learn management theory and practice, techniques, cost and planning, as well as insight into working with teams and managing individuals, exploring frameworks, theories and case studies which will empower you with the initiative to solve problems in creative and practical ways – all skills which will prepare you for the challenges of a project management career.

2. Work in a range of different industries

We’ve explored previously on this blog the various industries hiring project managers.  

But the list is by no means extensive, and across industries there is a growing demand for qualified project managers.

From finance to healthcare, technology to constructions, companies and organisations seek project managers to bring plans into action and oversee challenges. So as a qualified project manager, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a range of exciting roles rich with earning potential and progression opportunities.

3. Advance your career

The world of project management is a diverse landscape. So if you’re a specialist in a particular field, project management needn’t be a divergence from your current role. Instead, it could be an opportunity to build on your existing experience and elevate your career to new levels.

Our entry requirements on this course request a good honours degree or equivalent, and the transferrable skills you’ll learn from studying with us will serve you well in any role and boost your overall employability (more on that below.)

If you’re happy in your current industry but feel inspired to do more and want to grow your role, our online Project Management MSc will enable you to tackle new challenges.

4. Boost your overall employability

Many of us will deal in some form of project management in our careers. From leading and co-ordinating teams to working around resources and expenses, the skills of project management can be used in a variety of content and as such are highly sought after by employers.

And whatever your future role, an MSc in Project Management will equip you to handle a range of diverse challenges through versatile transferrable skills that employers value in any role.

5. Study flexibly through distance learning

An MSc in Project Management can mark the start of a promising new career and help you excel in your field.  

But studying online with our distance learning platform can offer a whole host of further benefits.

When you study with ARU, you’ll learn from highly qualified tutors with extensive experience in the field. They’ll support you every step of the way in your learning, whilst our online study format will also enable you to work independently. With unparalleled flexibility, you have the freedom to continue earning as you learn in an online environment that nurtures continuous development, meaning you’ll be able to put your newfound skills and knowledge into practice to tackle challenges in your current position.

Our online learning format is also particularly useful in an era where teams are increasingly remote. Throughout your career, you are likely to encounter virtual working environments which will require digital collaboration between teams. Your MSc will prepare you for this through consistent online communication with your peers and tutors, as well as group projects over the course of your degree.

An online MSc in Project Management is a powerful opportunity to take your career to new heights, discover new potential within your industry and be part of incredible projects, turning your passion into a vehicle for change.

Take the next step with ARU.

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