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The Skim — June 2019’s business inspiration summary

6th June 2019

With summer on the horizon, it’s time for more business brilliance from serial entrepreneurs, startup gurus and leadership experts. Grab a coffee and get inspired.

Christy Belt Grossman

‘I don’t assume what people need. I ask them what their goals are, what’s important to them, why are they looking for a coach.’

Christy Belt Grossman has over 20 years of experience in the operations side of real estate. This passion led her to found Ops Boss Coaching, a development programme for leaders in her industry.

In this excellent episode of the 5 Minute Success podcast, she discusses her client strategy –which includes only working with people she feels she can make a notable difference to.

Listen to Christy’s success story here.

Michael Krakaris

‘All my life, I’ve rarely followed the rules of other people and have always laid my own track.’

Aged just 24, Michael Krakaris is the co-founder of Deliverr, a platform that enables retailers to provide free two-day shipping services to customers.

Deliverr recently formed an exciting partnership with retail giant Walmart, and Krakaris hopes that one day his innovative startup will rival Amazon Prime.

Read Michael’s inspiring interview here.

Adam Schwartz

‘You should plan to pivot instead of imagining a pivot as a last-ditch effort to course correct.’

In a recent episode of the Problem Solvers podcast, Adam Schwartz discusses how he killed his failing novelty t-shirt business BustedTees by replacing it with a new one, TeePublic.

Schwartz saw the internet as an effective platform for building communities and user generated content, and he harnessed the two by co-founding the TeePublic venture –a platform for artists to sell their designs which was sold for $41m last year.

Hear what else Adam has to say here.

Whitney Wolfe

‘You can’t kill ambition. You can kill confidence but you can’t kill drive. Through all of this pain and struggle I still had an itch inside of me to create.’

Fresh out of college, Whitney Wolfe helped launch dating app Tinder and went on to create another dating app, Bumble, where women make the first move.

In this engaging episode of How I Built This With Guy Raz, she discusses how her difficult departure from Tinder and suffering subsequent media abuse inspired another successful business venture.

Listen to Whitney’s incredible journey here.

The Skim will return in July with more sound expertise from the best in business.

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